LA Music Creators Meetup Event Wed April 2nd

la-music-creator-eventReader Youngmin Joo let us know about an event scheduled for tonight, Wed April 2nd that will be of interest to readers in the LA area – the Los Angeles Music Creators Meetup.

The event, being held in the SEED Center in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles, will feature a great line-up of speakers, gear demos, and giveaways.

Details below; RSVP at the event site.


6:30 – 7:00pm – Eat and mingle
7:00 – 8:25pm – Introductions & Presentations
8:25 – 9:00pm – Collaboration Competition Showcase and Judging
9:00 – 10:00pm – Announcements + Open Free Time


  • Phil Wagner, President of Focusrite | Novation
    Topic: How Focusrite and Novation came to be, how they create products like the Launchpad, and what’s next on the forefront of tools and instruments for musicians.
  • Michael Frick and Steph Altman, Executive Producer and Creative Director at Mophonics Music:
    Topic: Art vs Craft and the benefits to musicians/songwriters writing for visual media (short form or long format).
    Established in 2002 in Venice, ca, Mophonics has grown from a small team of songwriters and producers to a bi-coastal music production and publishing house. They’ve has created music and/or contributed to music-branded initiatives for companies such as Apple, Google, Audi, and Visa. They’ve also developed and incubated artists such as Foster the People.
  • Nshan Petrosyan
    About: Nshan, also known as MEKANIST, is an electronic musician and sound designer based in Los Angeles with a love of musical exploration and a passion for detailed design and production. He’ll be presenting his track “Origami” pointing out the “outside of the box” things he did, including using foley sounds to create transitions and spacial textures and using frequency splitting to process full spectrum sounds on a more detailed level. He’ll also be showing us how you can create your own Stereo Spreader Rack in Ableton, which will help in all genres of production. This tool can be used to spread guitars and give them a “double tracked” feel, for example.

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