Building The Korg MS-20 Kit – In Two Minutes & Twenty Seconds

It looks like Sonic State’s Nick Batt may be having a bit too much coffee – this video captures him assembling the new Korg MS-20 Kit in just two minutes & twenty seconds!

The MS-20 Kit is a true-analog, 1:1 scale reissue of the MS-20, with both filters built in (the more aggressive early production filter and more mellow late production one). Every details has been replicated, right down to the packaging, which includes a letter from the original MS-20 engineers and the President of Korg, Inc.

The Korg MS-20 kit has a street price of about $1,400.

via sonicstate, aymat

13 thoughts on “Building The Korg MS-20 Kit – In Two Minutes & Twenty Seconds

  1. I own a Kit and mini at the same time.
    The two new filter (including both old / new type) make this bigger unit a completed different synth. Sound really great. much more fat and powerful than the tiny mini version.
    If you live MS-20, do not hesitate to buy a kit.

    I may prefer the earlier type of filter than the new one in Kit, though it generates more noise. To me, the sound from mini ms-20 is something more close to the later type of filter but generate a lot of noise, not as quite as the original later type…

    1. Very cool. I like Sonic State and look forward to Nicks review, whom I trust. I’m very eager to find out whether, in his view, the hefty price tag can be justified… 🙂

      1. Did you hear the music? And read ‘Music: Intellijel Atlantis through Behringer X32 with Vintage Room freeze reverb for pads, stereo delay.’ That Intellijel Atlantis is a beauty!

  2. After 10 seconds you realize this is for somebody to waste 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It is not useful. it is not funny. It is in the category of videos with cats. Only some of those ARE funny. This one. Nope.

  3. Amazing how some people can hate on damn near anything ^^^ .

    And why not record the process? Nick had to assemble the thing anyway, and if he didn’t post a video of it, there’d be bunch of haters on here bitching about that too! You’re damned if you, and damned if you don’t, in this cynical “do it my way” world.

    Anyway, I like the time lapse assembly videos. The nerd in me like to see it come together, but I sure as hell would never sit through an eight hour (or more) real time assembly video.

  4. this video makes me think of ikea. i understand though, the enjoyment of assembling the creative tool. there is an aesthetic appreciation for the parts that come together to make sound. it seems like this screwable kit is for people who are either too dumb (like me), too afraid of messing things up (like me), or dont have time (like me) to actually build the thing from the ground up. the price is nuts, but some people just dont care. so why hate on what someone else gets pleasure from?

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