6 thoughts on “Solvent – King Vincent, From ‘I Dream Of Wires’ Soundtrack

  1. Great track, love it. Makes me want to buy a massive modular set-up as no-one makes this sort of bthing in a DAW…..dont u think?

    1. Pls elaborate as you might just save me an absolute f**kload on Ebay…
      Is the main ‘magic fly’ (?!) sound a Gnat? what else would u say Solvent uses as I’m really loving his sound right now… used to listen to others that kinda sounded similar but really think he’s nailed that melodic BOLD type synth sound i have been missing….. thanks in advance, J

      1. Hi this is Solvent here. Thanks for the kind words. On this track, and on the rest of the I Dream Of Wires soundtrack material, I made it with 100% modular synths. I set this as a rule for this LP since it was the soundtrack to a documentary about modular synths. This one was done using exclusively eurorack modular stuff, which is not vintage stuff. A lot of tracks on the album, IMO, sound like they were made with modulars due to the more complex synthesis involved – however this track I would say is mostly pretty basic synth sounds, so I’m sure it would be easy enough to pull this off with basic monosynths like say an SH-101, MS-20, or even a Microbute. Never tried any EDP synths myself.
        PS for more on my gear: http://www.attackmagazine.com/features/my-studio/solvent

  2. Yeah, that kinda antique-sounding lead; of course it may be
    something else, but that single-oscillator, high nasal trembling is certainly
    something I’ve heard from one.

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