Moog Sub Phatty + AeroMIDI = 3D Analog Synth Control

This video, via SR388LovesYou, demonstrates using AeroMIDI to control the Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer. 

AeroMIDI is a 3D MIDI controller for Mac and Windows. AeroMIDI uses 3D input devices, like the Leap Motion shown above, to track your hand in space allowing you to control any MIDI software or MIDI hardware.

AeroMIDI allows you to use your hands in 3D space to trigger notes and MIDI continuous controller messages. AeroMIDI works with any MIDI software or hardware.

5 thoughts on “Moog Sub Phatty + AeroMIDI = 3D Analog Synth Control

  1. If it track’s in 3d, I would like to see it output control voltages something like a Wiard Joystick Axis Generator (up to 10 outs).

    Nifty looking device.

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