Tascam Intros UH-7000 Mic Pre & Audio Interface


Tascam has introduced the UH-7000, a microphone preamp and audio interface, designed with an emphasis on low noise and high audio quality.

The UH-7000 can be used as a 4-in/4-out audio interface in a DAW production environment, and also as a standalone microphone preamp and A/D / D/A converter.

The built-in HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture) microphone preamps are newly designed and perform at ?128 dBu equivalent input noise, a signal-to-noise ratio of 117 dB and distortion of 0.0009 % or less.

According to Tascam, the UH-7000’s sound quality is “partially due to the careful attention spent on selecting parts. In addition to Burr-Brown converters and metal thin-film resistors, installed is a powerful TCXO clock generator with a precision of ±1 ppm.”

The UH-7000 has a street price of US $600. See the Tascam site for details.

12 thoughts on “Tascam Intros UH-7000 Mic Pre & Audio Interface

      1. That is unfortunate for some. For example, my monitors (Dynaudio BM6A MKII) are full volume at all times while the volume is controlled on your interface.

        In my case the only volume would be software/on the computer, unless I purchased something to go in between the interface and speakers, like a Big Knob or something along those lines.

    1. The analog line outs can either be at unity OR controlled by the headphone volume knob when you push a button called line link. Use this when you want to plug or monitors into the abalog outs

    1. What’s the point? There is nothing here that would require midi control. If there was a midi in, the there would just be a midi thru. Not necessary.

  1. sorry, I joked above about this being a somewhat trivial new item and with 4 naysayers… I must be wrong. This is groundbreaking stuff! 48khz sample rate?? Incredible. Lack of midi?… a game changer… and the HDIA… well, who isn’t going to incorporate that in the years ahead? Seriously, there is nothing like this on the market and I’m sorry I shurugged my shoulders. I was wrong not to marvel at this piece of, what will surely go down in history as one of the true classics.

    1. MIDI: I have a Symphony i/o and it doesn’t have MIDI. Many newer instruments handle MIDI over USB, so some manufacturers may decide not to include it for cost reasons.

      SAMPLE RATE: There are two LEDs on the panel next to the 48k sample rate. 2x and 4x. It will do 192k.

      PRICE: I too am a little surprised about this. Tascam at one point in time was not the cheapest game in town, but that changed years ago. They are now trying to compete with UA and Apogee. This product may be too high end a move for them regardless of how it sounds, given the over-abundance of good products at this price point.

  2. From the Tascam website, “The link line function allows the line output volume to be adjusted using the headphones volume knob. This allows users to connect the unit directly to powered speakers and adjust the monitoring volume without need for a mixer or other equipment. “

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