AudioBus 2 & Mastering On Your iPad On Sonic Touch

On the latest episode of Sonic Touch, Nick Batt & Gaz Williams take a look at AudioBus 2 and mastering on your iPad with Final Touch. They’re joined by the head honcho at, Tim Webb. 

They try out Final Touch Mastering App from Positive Grid by running some real-time audio into it and recording the output into AudioShare by Kymatica, via AudioBus.

If you’ve used Audiobus 2 or Final Touch, leave a comment and let us know what you think about the new apps!

9 thoughts on “AudioBus 2 & Mastering On Your iPad On Sonic Touch

  1. Awesome video / walk-through of some really exciting App territory. We’re quite lucky to have coverage like this so a huge Thank You to Nick, Gaz and Tim.

      1. What’s your take on these mastering on the ipad apps? I’m skeptical – are there really that many people that are finishing tracks on their iPad, vs moving to a desktop daw?

        1. @MMN not that you asked me but I thought I’d share this: as an experiment I took an unmastered stereo file of a track I’d made and mastered it two ways through the same studio / monitors environment: one through my Mac + Logic + Waves suite / chain and then a couple days later (with fresh ears) through iPad + AudioMastering app …… The Logic / Waves version beat the AudioMastering version only slightly with a bit more clarity in the lower mids but was Really close otherwise.
          Then I took another stab at the iPad / AudioMastering process some time later (and at least one AudioMastering update later) and A/B’d it with the mentioned Logic/Waves master — to my own ears the two were on par — different colors but in several ways I liked the AudioMastering master more. I realize that a strangers account of audio mastering is but one opinion but I must say I was (very pleasantly) shocked that an under $20 app could even compete with the 4-digits Waves collection.

  2. Yes! Thanks!

    How is the latency when running audio through the Final Touch?

    Also, is Final Touch able to run glitch-free on an iPad 4 in low-latency mode? Or is that for the mighty iPads only?

    I’m just curious if it could be used as a front-end for a live rig with acoustic instruments that need real-time multiband.

  3. Has anyone kicked down the $49 beans for the FabFilter MB (Auria edition)?

    I’m curious how Final Touch would compare with FF MB. Especially WRT running it in realtime, and overall stability on non-current iPad models.

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