Mellotronics M3000 HD Gets New ‘Tapes’ From Streetly Archive

Omenie has updated its virtual Mellotron for iPad, Mellotronics M3000 HD, with new ‘tapes’ from the Streetly Electronics archive.

The additional libraries are available as in-app purchases. Here’s what they have to say about them:

Now your Mellotronics M3000 can be boosted with dozen of original voices from the Streetly archive – including Harry Chamberlin’s original voice tape – as well as some freshly-recorded voices, very clean and very flexible, designed for performance and articulation.

Sounds in the demo include Mike Pinder Smooth Organ & Clare Lindley Violin Collection.

M3000 HD is available for US $11.99 in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Mellotronics M3000 HD Gets New ‘Tapes’ From Streetly Archive

  1. Very nice, usually I find with demos, things can go off on a tangent with fancy visuals or voice overs, this just got straight to the point, how it sounds.

  2. Something about the tron. Perhaps just the trippy songs it has been used on in the past (?)

    This is the same developer who is working on Piana for Raspberry Pi. I wonder when that will be available for purchase.

  3. This must be the third recent iPad mellotron app. Maybe I am missing something, but I would love a decent, and affordable virtual mellotron for the Mac. Why are these things developed for the iPad and not Mac?

    1. THere are at least 3(!) complete Mellotron/Chamberlins for OSX and Windows, G-Force’s fantastic Mtron Pro, IK Multimedia’s Sampletron, and a UVI Melllotron Library, not to mention countless libraries for Kontakt, Akai samplers etc….. So that has definitely been covered….

  4. lylerasputin,
    This may seem picky, but the 3 that you listed range in price from $99-234. The M-3000 App is $12.00.

  5. For some reason, when the news about this appeared a few days ago, my app quit working, and it disappeared from the App Store. The next day, it was back, and I reinstalled it and got some of the new voices. I had given up un this app a while back due to the lack of features like midi and extra voices. Now it really is the best mellotron app on ipad.

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