Propellerhead Reason 7.1 Brings Workflow Improvements, Rack Extensions v2 & A Free Modulation RE

reason7.1-badge-127Propellerhead today released Reason 7.1 and Reason Essentials 2.1 – an update that adds workflow improvements, support for an updated Rack Extension standard and a free modulation Rack Extension, Synchronous.

Here’s what’s new in Propellerhead Reason 7.1 and Reason Essentials 2.1:

  • Reason 7.1 and Reason Essentials 2.1 comes with the new Rack Extension SDK 2 installed. The new SDK allows for a new generation of Rack Extensions with vastly improved display capabilities. With the new SDK, Propellerhead is making it easier for content developers to create Rack Extension instruments.
  • Workflow improvements:
    • Hold shift when reordering devices in a signal chain to automatically re-route
    • Better indications on audio clips to show if the clip has comp edits or slices
    • Slices in self-contained REX files can now be used as samples
    • Spectrum EQ button on Master Section device
  • Various improvements and bug fixes:
    • Reason can now import 32-bit float WAV files
    • CodeMeter version 5 included
    • Improved synchronization with Cubase in Rewire mode

Propellerhead also introduced Synchronous – a Rack Extension for Reason they describe as ‘a modulation powerhouse’:

Animate your pad, wobble your bass or glitch up your samples. Draw complex modulation waveforms with Synchronous’ drawing tools. Assign the waveforms to the built in effect units and enjoy an energy boost to your sound.

Use Synchronous to quickly call up straightforward effects such as tremolo or ducking, or use it to build complex modulation chains with several parallel modulation curves.

Here’s the official intro to Synchronous:

Developers can get more info on Rack Extension SDK 2 at the Propellerhead Developer Site.

See the Propellerhead site for full details.

22 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason 7.1 Brings Workflow Improvements, Rack Extensions v2 & A Free Modulation RE

  1. This is huge:

    “If you’re apt at building sample libraries but don’t speak the language of DSP, the Instrument Development Toolkit is for you. The Rack Extension SDK2 comes complete with an advanced scriptable sample player with a powerful array of built-in effects and more to kick-start your development. It will also help converting content created for existing sample-based products into a Rack Extension instrument.”

    Huge. Props are on a roll. I hope see more stuff on REs from Synthtopia. I love coming here.

    1. can you make rack extensions without selling them on the store? tbh, i’d buy reason if i could code my own stuff, but i don’t really want to mess with supporting other people!

        1. What? No he wants to develop his own plugins for his own use and run them on his own machine in his own copy of reason without having to pay a developer subscription fee or submit them to the store.

          1. What? No he wants to develop his own plugins for his own use and run them on his own machine in his own copy of reason without having to pay a developer subscription fee or submit them to the store or most importantly spend most of his life fixing random peoples bug for the privilege of writing his own tools.

            1. yeah, i mean it’d like to use it similarly to gen in max, is all.

              looking at the developer site further, it seems like you could use it without releasing a RE, but you have to call yourself a company. so i guess all i’m saying is that i hope in version 7.5 or 8 they have an option for end users to sign up, maybe with a disclaimer that they can’t offer tech support.

    1. That’s be awesome, but RAM is still a big limiting factor on mobile devices.

      While the iPad CPU is now pretty powerful, wireless tablets like the iPad tend to have very limited RAM. This is because RAM is a constant drain on the battery, even when you’re not actively using your tablet.

      To make Reason work on the iPad, they’d probably have to do a ‘Reason Lite’ – more like Korg’s Gadget or what Reason was like 4-5 years ago.

  2. Reason keeps getting better and better. I stopped using it about 2 versions ago, right before they introduced audio tracks. I stopped using it because some very basic routing tasks would require much more work than in a regular DAW like logic or Live…

    But now, the Pros are starting to outweigh the cons. I’m def finally upgrading. Reason is getting better and better, and I want in. 🙂

    1. I agree – I stopped using it just before audio came in. Now with audio + Midi out and plugins ins it looks pretty schmik! Problem is i’m now invested in other hardware and software – its difficult to stop using my gear!

  3. their path as always been one of slow but steady growth towards a brighter future. all i see is exactly that. Up with the props 🙂

  4. Synchronous is free for Reason 7 until June 30th. You need to DL version 7.1 first. Don’t forget to empty your main Reason folder Mac People if you use it to save your beat.

  5. Looks like a cool tool, but you know what I think? I think everyone is so puke-sick of dubstep nobody is gonna care. 🙂

      1. No, but if you use the ad music as a guide to what the design directive was… I’m sure there are plenty of novel uses for Synchronous, but IMO this shit was wearing thin 4 years ago.

  6. Dude come on, you arent trying hard enough if you cant see past the promo video!

    for years i have been super annoyed to draw out the curve paths for automation like they demonstraited the saw tooth pattern or one with curves in the saw shape, man let me tell you setting that up at varying velocities is super boring and can get confusing when you are trying to make an inverse curve for you resonance to follow the filter. this will make it alot more simpler.

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