The OWL Open-Source Effects Pedal Just Got A Lot More Interesting

owl-effects-pedalThe OWL open-source audio effects pedal just got a lot more interesting.

Developers of the Open Ware Laboratory (OWL) pedal have announced the availability of a PureData compiler for the OWL, Tannhäuser.

What’s this mean for electronic musicians?

In a nutshell, it means that OWL users will soon be able to create custom patches in PureData, an open-source, cross-platform, graphical programming environment for musicians and artists.

In other words – you won’t have to be a C++ guru to create your own custom audio effects that run on this hardware pedal. 


The Tannhäuser compiler is going into alpha testing, and the developers are looking for people to help. Testers need to have:

  • familiarity with the procedure of building firmwares using the OwlWare Makefile;
  • some experience creating their own OWL patches; and
  • familiarity with PureData.

See the OWL site for details.

5 thoughts on “The OWL Open-Source Effects Pedal Just Got A Lot More Interesting

  1. Major manufacturers have to follow trends and cater to the masses. Hence, options are limited, features and interfaces are dumbed down.

    Boutique manufacturers still have to find something that people will buy (and be willing to spend a higher price on), and they still have to play somewhat safe.

    That is why various Open Source hardware/software options are pretty exciting for artists who have a very specific vision that doesn’t match the current “Look-at-me!-I’m-making-beats-with-my-phone-in-the-subway!” Artists and developers can collaborate to really customize the DSP, workflow and options–this is a VERY GOOD THING!!

  2. Anything with embeddable modular code has potential to be a great product. First the Nord Modular synths and recently Patchblocks and now this. Win.

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