Wendy Carlos Talks Kubrick Scores & Demonstrates The Circon Circular Controller

This video captures Wendy Carlos discussing her soundtracks for Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and The Shining

Carlos also demonstrates the Circon circular controller – an instrument that she, Rachel Elkind and Bob Moog created.

Carlos shares the story of the creation of the Circon and some technical details in a post at her site.

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15 thoughts on “Wendy Carlos Talks Kubrick Scores & Demonstrates The Circon Circular Controller

  1. it is really about workflow – if there is nothing wrong with a working setup why change it ??

    – alot of the problems i have had were from constantly upgrading instead of just using what i had

    1. Yeah, very true. The other side to that, i think, is that there’ll always be something “wrong” and you just have to get on with it.

  2. She is such an awesome musician and has such fascinating viewpoints. That soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange was a turning point for so many musicians, myself included (Digital Moonscapes was pretty badass too).

  3. Wendy is the flip side of the synthesizer coin from Vangelis. He brings romanticism to the table. Wendy brings classical grandeur and some great quirk, such as her take on “What’s New, Pussycat?” She doesn’t get the credit she deserves as broadly as some, but you really don’t know synthesis until you’ve heard her work.
    (Yes, this is an older video.) She’s in a bit of post-ESD distribution limbo right now, which is a shame, because her stamp is that of a “renaissance” artist. She’s the cure for Preset Fever. Listen and become a believer.


  4. How great to hear one of the pioneers talk for herself. She’s just as articulate and charming as I imagined from reading her homepage many years ago. That’s the kind of crazy I like, not the kind that wears hats and baseball caps indoors, barely shaves, and has a hard time forming an intelligible sentence that you seem to find too often in artist interviews (just to be clear, this is not exclusive to the electronic music community). I hope, as I’m sure so do others, that she will put out some more original music or that an enlightened director works with her on a new movie that is as memorable as The Shining or A Clockwork Orange. We could use a voice like Wendy’s in today’s music and film landscape.

  5. It’s good to see and hear Wendy Carlos – despite being a prog-rocker and following ELP etc, it was Wendy’s output – S.O.B., Clockwork Orange etc that is responsible for all of my disposable income going on modular synths. Wendy is a fine example of what can be done if you let your skills lead you where they want to be. I wonder if all cats have affinity with Macs. My cat William is sitting on my Mac Mini watching the screen. Anyway, clips of Wendy are rare, clips of Wendy talking and about music that inspired my generation – that’s made Saturday afternoon special.

  6. The Circon looks like it works similarly to the Therevox, with the lever she pulled increasing CV to the VCA, skipping any envelopes. Check out the Therevox, i got one and I absolutely love it. Very expressive.

  7. Wendy Carlos and her manager are definitely not lax when it comes to music or video rights. The clip is no longer available.

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