Acidlab Intros New Drum Machine Based On Roland TR-606 Drumatix (Sneak Preview)


Acidlab, creators of several drum machines and synths, inspired by Roland classics, has released a teaser of the design for their new Drumatix drum machine. 

The Drumatix is an analog drum machine, based on the circuits of the classic Roland TR-606 Drumatix drum machine. According to Acidlab, the Drumatix goes beyond the original, with additional sounds and parameters not found on the original Roland box.

Details, demos and pricing are to come.

20 thoughts on “Acidlab Intros New Drum Machine Based On Roland TR-606 Drumatix (Sneak Preview)

  1. i wonder if it can get that 808 type of BOOOOM with the tune and decay on the kick like you can with tune and decay mods on a real 606, i am assuming you can change the pattern sequences on the fly like a real 606 too, i hope so, pretty curious on this one. just noticed a trig out too, i use this on the real 606 to clock other gear like a monotribe, that is pretty handy

  2. Cool. 606 prices have been silly for a while now.

    If they’re taking requests 🙂 I want a 202 sequencer replacement, mine died and they are like 6 times what I paid for it now. 🙁

  3. Acidlab is great! They have really excellent customer support. Their machines sound great and are very well built. I had my acidlabs for nearly 10 years. Still use them today. Needed some help recently and i my emails were replied at times where i suspect most of Germany was sleeping.

    Can’t wait to hear and see it in action. Always loved the 606 sounds but not enough to buy a 30 year old drum machine. Now this will be difficult to resist.

    I have total confidence in Acidlab. I love my bassline and bombass. Nothing sounds like they do, i even prefer the bassline sound to my x0xb0x.

  4. As a total drum machine slut this is really interesting! If it has additions on the standard 606, I would love a couple of dedicated trig out tracks. Other than that it’s price that will be the deciding factor as other posters have said! Also, I know it’s a teaser but it looks REALLY long IMHO…. Eeek!

    1. WTF man this is perfectly fine without USB or anything like that, create your patterns on the flow as you perform a track and learn what others have figured far before you! 😉

  5. I love the look of Acidlab machines. They have very solid full aluminum cases and easy to read layouts. There are others drum machines on the market if you want backlit buttons and stuff like that. This is analogue gear made to be played for a long time. The knob caps feel luxurious on my units, i think they’re made of aluminum too. Midi sync is rock solid too, i haven’t managed to confuse my bassline in all the years i’d had it. Some of my other modern gear sometimes freak out on unstable clocks or crash when receiving too much midi data. My Acidlabs ? Rock solid.

  6. The irony is that it is 2014. Technology is more sophisticated than ever, but you wouldn’t know it by the way these companies keep regurgitating the old ‘classics’.

    Emulating old and limited hardware, for the sake of chasing nostalgia, or simply riding the retro trend, is dead boring. Be brave. Create something new.

    1. There’s plenty of other new gear, I have nothing against people remaking/refining existing technologies. I have zero interest in a 606 clone and don’t get people’s fondness for the original, but clearly there’s a market for such a product.

      I’ll never understand why people post to product threads to announce their boredom with some new product when there are so many other options available.

    2. i can’t believe people still use accoustic guitars. it”s 2014, don’t they know that there’s new technology and electric guitars now? no need for accoustic guitars ever again…

      i also can’t believe people still eat butter. it’s 2014 don’t they know about the new technology of margarine? no one will ever want to eat butter again…

  7. I haven’t heard what it sounds like, but based on the description I just don’t see the point. Around here you can still get the real thing for €450 if you’re willing to look beyond Ebay. Need the individual outs? It’s a pretty straightforward mod that’ll set you back less than $10 in parts.

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