MKAdapter Lets You Use Any Mic With Your MicroKorg Vocoder


The MKAdapter is a new adapter that lets you attach any standard microphone gooseneck directly on your Korg MicroKorg, without needing to set up a separate mic stand.

Combining the MKAdapter with a gooseneck lets you use a high-quality mic to control the MicroKorg’s vocoder. 

The MKAdapter is a standard 5/8-27 threaded adapter. It fits the built-in microphone holder socket on the Korg MicroKorg synthesizer/vocoder, that was designed to hold the flexible microphone included with the synth.

Here’s an unofficial review of the MKAdapter, viavia Flux302:

The MKAdapter is available for US $30, via Eurekasound.

If you’ve used the MKAdapter, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “MKAdapter Lets You Use Any Mic With Your MicroKorg Vocoder

  1. If this could be mass produced, they could be $5, but they how many people do you think they can expect to buy one? We have to realize that synth gear is almost always a niche product.

  2. I just got one. I think it’s both pretty cool and quite overpriced for a little hunk of plastic. Still, I have spent way more on totally useless gadgets. It is a niche item for sure so I really can’t fault them for the price. I am also a little concerned about the strength of the Korg holder with the extra weight of a gooseneck and mic as opposed to the original lightweight mic. We will see….

  3. International shipping is only $4 extra when ordering from EurekaSound, and the MKAdapter is on sale for $20 thru September 1. Hope that helps!

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