Maschine 2.1 Update Overview

Native Instruments has updated Maschine to version 2.1. It’s a free update for existing users.

The video above, via Maschine Tutorials, is a quick overview of the new features.

Here’s what’s new in Maschine 2.1:

  • Sounds accessible on pads on sample recording screen
  • A batch function to set all sounds in a group to the same MIDI channel. MIDI export available on the Group and Sound levels
  • Undocked NI plug-in windows can be pinned to remain active when not in focus
  • Scenes can be selected/triggered via MIDI input when MASCHINE is running standalone
  • Mix page on MASCHINE and MASCHINE MK2 controllers has been expanded and now provides access to level and pan settings for groups and sounds
  • A setting that only turns the metronome on when the Record button is enabled
  • Real time group erase function.
  • Shift functions allow fast scroll browsing.
  • Play quantize option –notes played live on the pads are quantized in real time
  • Control software views from the navigate page on MASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO controllers
  • Instantiating the first plug-in on an empty sound updates the name of that sound to the plug-in name
  • Sound, group volume & pan knobs are only displayed on hover
  • ALT+Drag for copy-pasting single elements (patterns, scenes, plug-ins) in the Groups / Sounds lists and the plug-in chain
  • Browser performance improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes, as well as performance and stability improvements

See the NI site for details.

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  1. Hey guys I bought a Maschine Mikro a few weeks ago (it came with the 1.8 sw) and I just downloaded this update, but I can’t seem to be able to activate it, do I have to buy this version or what?

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