Musicworks Magazine Announces 2014 Electronic Music Composition Contest

Musicworks2014ContestMusicworks Magazine has announced an Electronic Music Composition Contest.

The magazine invites musicians to compose an experimental piece in one of the following genres: acousmatic, audio art, electroacoustic, glitch, intelligent dance music, microsound, noise, turntable art, or video music.

Additional details:

  • First prize: $500 cash, a composer profile in Musicworks magazine and online, and your composition released on the Musicworks CD.
  • Second prize: $200 cash and a composer profile on
  • Third prize: $100 cash and a composer profile on

Submission deadline: May 16, 2014.

Note: There’s a $25 contest entry fee, but it comes with a 1-year sub to the Musicworks magazine, and the magazine is produced by a nonprofit outfit. Additional details and rules, etc. at the Musicworks website.

11 thoughts on “Musicworks Magazine Announces 2014 Electronic Music Composition Contest

  1. Low prize and the contest not for free? I think there will be not a lot of composers, who want to spend money for this, because you don’t know if it pays off.

  2. Let’s hope they use the entry fee to pay a graphic designer next time instead of letting the intern or secretary do their visuals.

  3. Dude, it is for fun, you guys need to chillwave, like hardcorewave. I am sure they arent summning contestants from mt. olympus to create an authentic flutewave masterpiece.

  4. Darren-M, to produce music means to spend a lot of ours in the studio. We have costs to produce it. Unfortunately a lot of people forget that. Everybody think we composers only had to turn some control knobs and that’s it. But it isn’t. It’s a tough job. And tough jobs should be well-paid. Whether some of us are famous or not. We do the same job like famous artists/composers, with the same engagement and with (almost) the same quality!

  5. Their subscription price is $35. It gets you a whopping 3 magazines a year. I’m sorry but even @ $25 this is not a good deal. Seems more like a way to increase circulation than anything.

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