Audulus For iPhone, Coming Tues April 22, Puts A Modular Synth In Your Pocket


Get ready for the ‘Is that a modular synth in your pocket….” jokes.

Developer Taylor Holliday has announced that Audulus for iPhone will be available Tues, April 22nd.

Audulus is a graphical modular audio environment, currently available for Mac OS X and iPad. The iPhone version will be fully patch compatible with the existing versions.

Audulus for iPhone will be free to all current users of Audulus for iPad, and will be available at a ‘special introductory price’ for everyone else.

For readers that are not familiar with Audulus, here’s a video demo of Audulus for iPad:

Here are the built-in modules in Audulus:

Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 classic waveforms)
ADSR Envelope
Noise Generator
Sample Player (coming soon to iPad)
Mathematical Modules: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Sine, Modulo
Random Number Generator
MIDI controlled Keyboard
MIDI assignable trigger
16-Step Sequencer
Low Pass Filter
High Pass Filter
Pitch Shifter
Constant Value
Mapper Curve
Piecewise-linear Spline Curve
Sample and Hold
4-Channel Mixer
Level Meter
Value Meter
Scrolling Waveform Meter
Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer
Global Time
Zero-crossing Counter
Audio Unit Plug-in (Mac Only)
Math Expression Node (In-App Purchase Upgrade)

10 thoughts on “Audulus For iPhone, Coming Tues April 22, Puts A Modular Synth In Your Pocket

  1. Just purchased my first iPhone (4s), so perfect timing for this to come out. I love my phone & having a dedicated modular synth for it will be a blast!! Now for midi kit or iPhone controller keyboard & I’m set. I hope Audulus has midi out from its modules, that would rock my world BIG TIME!!!!

  2. Interesting, but the fact that you have to double tap to see parameters is going to make this quite tedious to use, IMO.

    Still, pretty cool things like this exist.

    1. Hey Mahhhk, so the double tap just zooms in so you can turn knobs easily (and interact with other UI). The iPhone’s screen is pretty high resolution, so you can see the parameters without zooming in a lot.

      – Taylor

  3. Can we all agree that Taylor is probably the coolest/ most receptive developer out there! I am greatful for his devotion to audulus. Can’t wait to see what comes next

  4. Audulus lets you build your own modules called nodes into little boxes called sub patches. You can choose which knobs and meters show up on your sub patch. These features will let users create their own stomp box style patches on the iPhone!

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