‘Node 2’ A Must-Have For Berlin-School Synth Music Fans

node-2Ian Boddy’s DiN Records has released Node 2 – the second album from synth supergroup Node.

Node 2 is the first album from the group since their debut album in 1995.

The group is made up of music industry gurus that took time out from their ‘day jobs’ to indulge their passion for analog synth and Berlin-school style synth music:

  • Dave Bessell: Synthesizers, Keyboards and Guitars
  • Ed Buller: Synthesizers, Sequencers and Keyboards
  • Flood: Synthesizers, Sequencers and Keyboards
  • Mel Wesson: Synthesizers, Sequencers and Keyboards


To capture a classic synth group vibe, the musicians assembled a massive collection of vintage gear (shown in part above), improvised everything live and recorded it straight to two-track.

Here’s a preview of the nine tracks on Node 2:

Node 2 is a must-have for Berlin School style synth music fans – and should be a treat for anyone that loves classic analog synth sounds.


  • Shinkansen East (10:37)
  • The Traveller (8:17)
  • Becoming (8:32)
  • Doppler (5:07)
  • Marche Mécanique (8:30)
  • Dark Beneath The Earth (6:06)
  • Shinkansen West (11:11)
  • No Signal (6:07)
  • Thin Air (8:38)]

See the DiN site for details.

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