19 thoughts on “Mixing With iMPC Pro

  1. This is looking dope yo…ok,ok it is looking cool! I am stoked about it. I think Retronym’s stuff is slick visually with only a few grievances per product I own of theirs (tabletop, iMini, iMPC)

  2. Please someone tell me that this will let me export a .pgm (and wavs/.snds) for sequencing.

    Ideally, what I’d like to do is sample into the MPC, transfer the sample to the PC and then to the iPad, chop it up, apply equalization and compression, assign to pads, and then drop the pgm and sounds back into the MPC. The 2000xl can be really slow when editing longer samples, and can’t high pass/band pass filter. Plus, chopping in Samplr is super slick! Done right this app could complement a hardware sampler nicely.

        1. Yep. I’m not looking to buy an expensive software/controller combo with lots of features I don’t need (I do all of my sampling and sequencing on the MPC and like it that way), I’d just like a portable, standalone, tool to play with chops for later export.

      1. It can actually be somewhat laborious, retrieving each sample from your zip/floppy disk, mapping it to a pad, and assigning it to an individual output. By laborious I mean it takes like five minutes.

        Honestly though, I’d just like to be able to play with a sample while away from my setup and then be able to dump the results straight into the MPC.

  3. Not that i would ever buy a souless commercial knock off mpc even if it were 1$, but out of interest:
    Can this thing sequence gear via midi?

    1. Damjunk on April 29, 2014 at 6:54 am said:

      Not that i would ever buy a souless commercial knock off mpc even if it were 1$, but out of interest:
      Can this thing sequence gear via midi?

      Why would you care???

  4. I care enough that it saddens me to see the mpc brand being pimped out like this.
    Midi was always one of mpc core capabilities it excelled at. id just like to know what passes for PRO nowadays

  5. Looks like beat maker 2 with less features but a slicker interface. Either way, akai is late to the game again. First they let two years go by while NI destroys them… And now this. And still no rhythm wolf demos.

    1. right and native instruments was 20 years late to the game. get serious. the clapper has spoken.

      this app sounded great the sound engine sounds surprisingly good, but knowing retronyms they probably got it hooked up to a neve desk hidden behind a curtain lol. retronyms definitely gets the clapper they’re like the native instruments of iOS

  6. A big problem and major point of contention with Akai is that x-amount of end users are preoccupied with contextualizing new products within the legacy of past instrument versions — Akai’s own PR is guilty of employing this themselves and set expectations bound for disappointment.

    I say take each permutation as it’s own individual concept and keep fingers crossed that it’ll allow you to do things you’d otherwise not be able to do.

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