Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack Synthesizer Voice Review

This video, via sonicstate, is a review of the Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack synthesizer voice.

The Atlantis is a new Eurorack module that is a complete synth voice in a single Eurorack module. The Atlantis is inspired by the Roland SH-101, but is not intended to be a conservative reproduction of the original. 

Main features:

  • Modulation VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync and Link switch to connect pitch to primary
  • Primary VCO: triangle core with Hard Sync, Octave switches, Linear/Exp FM and PWM
  • Global modulation bus with four VCO waveforms, noise and S&H options
  • Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter
  • Looping ADSR with range switch, manual gate, and external level (velocity) control.
  • Three position output clipping circuit
  • 27 jacks for creative and complex patching options
  • Header on back of pcb that allows it to be linked (normalled) to the Intellijel Metropolis sequencer
  • Skiff Friendly

Summary of enhancements/differences over the SH-101 core:

  • Discrete triangle core vcos (with far better tracking and Hard sync) instead of CEM based IC.
  • Primary vco has linear FM (not just exp)
  • MOD VCO can be linked to the primary VCO pitch CV.
  • Modulation oscillator switchable from LFO to VCO
  • Filter is multimode, 2/4pole switchable and has a special LP boost mode
  • Filter allows for selection of inverted ADSR mod source
  • Mixer section includes and external source which is normalled to a sinewave
  • Filter has built in soft clipping
  • Envelope has looping option, re-trigger and selectable time range
  • Output VCA has two stage clipping circuit
  • Patch points for every synthesis section

The Atlantis is priced at about US $700. See the Intellijel site for details.

10 thoughts on “Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack Synthesizer Voice Review

  1. Checked one of these out a few weeks ago at Control in Brooklyn and walked out with my first modular system. That’s how bad-ass I thought it was. Getting a Metropolis as soon as they’re back in stock. GREAT modules.

  2. This has made it easier to image my first modular synth.
    This module and the joystick they have on their site would make a mean combination.

  3. Not really cheap but what really counts is the sound and the interface to other gear. And in those fields this module excells. Congratulations to Intellijel for this module!

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