Crystalline ‘Shimmer’ Effects Processor Now Available

crystallineHolderness Media has released Crystalline – a shimmer reverb/delay effect for Audiobus and Inter-app audio.

Crystalline is designed for creating synth-like tones and textures from almost any sound source. Crystalline is capable of a wide range of sounds, including classic “shimmer” effects from the 80’s, unique pitch shifted delays and lush reverbs.

Here’s a demo of guitar through Crystalline:

Crystalline features two distinct modes:

  • PERFORM mode is focused around four XY touch pads. Touch to control DELAY TIME, FEEDBACK, REVERB and LOW PASS independently for left and right channels.
  • TWEAK mode features large expressive sliders and additional effect parameters, allowing you to fine tune your sound.

Crystalline is available now for US $4.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Crystalline, let us know what you think of it!

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