7 thoughts on “Celldweller Studio Tour

  1. This ticks all my boxes! I’ve been a fan of this guy since his Circle of Dust days and he showed me what one can do with electronic instruments. Really glad someone on this site posted about him and he amazing studio.

  2. Holy crap! That’s a lot of stuff to play with. I’ve been listening to the Wish Upon a Blackstar album a lot, and it’s amazing. It combines so many elements such as hard rock, metal, drum & bass, dubstep, and even a little prog rock.

  3. HOLY MOTHER OF ZUESS!!!!!!!! This is amazing, and a great video to watch. Haven’t heard of CellDweller before, so this makes me look forward to hearing his work. Well done, you’ve got everyone drooling, and must be very proud of your hard work collecting this. In-fucking-credible!

  4. I had to check out YouTube because i had never heard of him. Understandable. What shit music can be made with great gear. Ah well, too bad.

    1. Check out his modular synth based project “Transmissions” volumes 1 and 2 on Youtube. Definitely a huge contrast between that and what typically comes up in searches.

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