Incident Tech Launches Sequence Music App

Incident, the startup behind the gTar smart guitar, today announced the launch of Sequence, their new music application, which allows the user to sample real world sounds and combine them with instruments to make music “on the go.”

Using an intuitive pattern grid, Sequence users can place their recorded samples on top of eighteen pre-loaded instruments in the app. Instruments included in the app, such as drums and piano, are pre-mapped to the same musical key, for ease in creating melodies that, Sequence developers say, “sound great without any knowledge of music theory.”

Incident_Sequence_screencapIncident Sequence Features:

  • 18 unique instruments, including electronic and acoustic drums, strings, woodwinds, and a variety of modern and vintage synthesizers;
  • Record samples through your phone and create custom instruments by combining them with samples from the library;
  • Support for up to five simultaneous tracks with multi-track mixing;
  • Intuitive pattern grid makes every note “in time and in key;
  • Set up to four unique patterns per instrument;
  • Record, arrange, and save sets;
  • Export tracks via e-mail, SMS, or directly upload to Soundcloud.

Incident_SequenceSequence is optimized for use with the iPhone 5, but is also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad.

Pricing and Availability. Incident’s Sequence app is free and available worldwide from the Apple App Store. For additional information, visit the Incident Technologies website.

4 thoughts on “Incident Tech Launches Sequence Music App

  1. didnt know iphones had mini shotgun mics built in lol. good luck getting clean samples like that. i just find that video pretty misleading in those terms. also- nanoloop is like $2

    1. The sounds used in the video really are from the app, we extracted them using iTunes as the app gives you access to the raw sound files recorded. The quality from the iPhone 5C mic is pretty solid. For the release of the video we did master the audio a bit as it was layered with the sound captured during the video recording.

      I’ve had some good luck recording some awesome samples using sequence/iPhone app. We’ve also built a pretty decent audio graph / engine and will release deeper effects and sound conditioning over time.

  2. Ah, this a reminder for me to play along with Yellofier again.
    A little fine app by Boris Blank from the swiss duo Yello and programmed by Jonatan Liljedahl to turn the day life sounds into music

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