Eurorack Interview – Stephen McCaul Of Noise Engineering

This video, captures an interview with Stephen McCaul of Noise Engineering.

Along the way, McCaul previews his upcoming Eurorack synth modules.

2014 Noise Engineering Eurorack Synth Modules:

  • Ataraxic Translatron – LFSR VCO
  • Basimilus Iteritas – Drum Synthesizer
  • Zularic Repetetor – Rhythm Sequencer
  • Sinclastic Empulatrix – Envelope Generator with minimum VCA
  • Variatic Sequent – Simple Gate Sequencer
  • Variatic Dilato – CV Expander for Variatic Sequent
  • Variatic Multium – Gate Expander for Variatic Sequent
  • Continuus Sequent – Simple CV Sequencer
  • Roticulum Sequent – Sequent family combiner
  • Horologic Solum – Simple LFO for sequencer clock

You can fine out more about the line at the Noise Engineering site.

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7 thoughts on “Eurorack Interview – Stephen McCaul Of Noise Engineering

  1. I like this guy…as soon as he mentioned Skinny Puppy and FrontLine Assembly, I knew where he’s coming from.

  2. Great to see someone who isn’t an analog elitist (I think they prefer the term “purist”) and realizes that both analog and digital should be embraced for their individual strengths.

  3. I Love the sounds of Stephen’s modules – I have an Ataraxic Translatron on order at the moment – and from the few clips I’ve heard the forthcoming modules sound equally cool. Great interview.

  4. Stephen is a talented person indeed! Been a long time since I worked with him, still running code he wrote for us. (At a long ago post) Stephen love what you’re doing man!

  5. Just stumbled upon this. Stephen and I went to HS together and he was who turned me on to how to actually make the noises in my head. I was the one who turned him on to Skinny Puppy and Frontline Assembly. I definitely got the better end of the deal though.

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