36 thoughts on “Korg Taktile USB-MIDI Controller Walkthrough

  1. So does the keyboard have at least a middling-solid action? That’s the other half of the story. I love Korg gear and I could see going for the TRITON Taktile, IF it has a decent key feel.

  2. Jesus christ – that hat and those glasses are enough to keep away. LOL.

    Unless you’re a 65 or older jazz musician, you should NOT wear a leather hat.

    1. True dat 😀 .. He looks so hipster that I simply can’t watch, despite i’m somewhat interested on the subject.

  3. Also, I’ll probably be picking one of these up soonish. Seems like they’ve nailed (just about) all of the features I’m interested in.

  4. Dear Korg,
    I love your synthesizers and am at least passingly interested in your Taktile line of controllers. However, I am physically unable to watch this video because holy goddamn look at that guy. It is like an alien watched MTV in 2006 and tried to emulate earth customs based on said experience. Alternatively, he might be a bug man, or a sewer mutant.
    A fan

  5. wanted to get some info on this controller but this video is not the way to obtain decent info on it.
    is this video about the guy or about the korg product?
    there is about 5 seconds of decent footage about the controller itself.
    he must be very much in love with himself.

  6. I used to teach at Dubspot in NYC and still go back from time to time. Yes, Adriano’s a colorful personality but he knows what he’s doing and does it in a fun way. Seriously, making fun of his appearance? It takes balls to make videos like this. What have most of YOU done?

    1. If he has the balls to dress up like that then he’ll have the balls to take shit like this. No need to defend him. Just saying.

  7. He is italian what does it mean?? You know what culture, eating & fashion is, thx only to Italy! Isn’t my style too, but next time please switch on your mind, before talking about Italy.

    1. I don’t have a problem with Italy. However, only an Italian would put on his black short-sleeve button down shirt, his black leather hat, and his teal and amber sunglasses before inserting his lip stud though his meticulously groomed beard and think “yes, this is it, time to display myself to the world”.

      Basically what I’m saying is, in Italy disco never stopped being cool.

  8. fwiw, I own this and I am happy with it. And as a result of buying it I goat a deal to buy the Korg Legacy bundle for just $99.

    In terms of the video, it would have been nice to have some in-depth details.

  9. Korg is selling the same old stuff over and over again. This MIDI stuff is now 30 years old and unfit for modern music production. Korg is stuck in 1995 ways of thinking. Only the retro analog wave is holding them afloat. Bitwig and Nektar P4 are the way forward. Tight integration without MIDI legacy stuff.

  10. The pads look really nice to use…does anybody have further detail on them? Other than that…not 100% sure on this. The triton taktile is tempting, but I don’t feel I’d have an adequate editing ability over the patches to make me happy.

  11. Is there I term for the way DJs touch the nobs and then flick their hands away real fast? Their fingers make contact with the nob and then they pull it away as if its too hot to touch, leaving little or no time to actually make any change. “Lava Nobbing”?

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