Trail of Nexus 6 Sound Library Inspired By Blade Runner

nexus-6-blade-runner-sound-libraryZenSound has released Trail of Nexus 6 – a free sound library for u-he’s Tyrell N6, inspired by Blade Runner.

Here’s what they have to say about the sound library:

This soundset have a futuristic sound, it is the natural continuation of the soundset Rebeld. All the sounds of this soundset are good for all styles of music and perfect for futuristic electronic compositions.

Here’s an audio preview:


  • ATM: 17 atmospheres with a industrial and dark feeling.
  • BAS: 13 original and strong basses.
  • KEY: 19 sounds for play with the MIDI keyboard.
  • LEA: 6 futuristic leads.
  • PER : 12 modulated and distorted percussions.
  • SEQ: 4 cool sequenced patches using the LFO’s.
  • SFX: 29 science fiction effects, ideal for videogames and films.

The soundset is a free download, but requires Tyrell N6 software synthesizer

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