Gestural Modular Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, via A Box In The Sea, explores using gestural control (with a Leap Motion) and Ableton Push as controllers for Reaktor and a modular synthesizer. 

Technical details below:

Pyramid of Numbers = Modular+Reaktor+Leap+EPSi+Big Sky

Starting with a beautiful sound from the Braids and Morphing Terrarium. Sampled with the Phonogene and processed through the Echophon/ZDSP/Big Sky/EPSi. The Piano is Reaktor and a water sample played together.

The beginning atmosphere is KORE2 animated circuits. The Leap is controlling all the modulation in Reaktor, Big Sky and KORE2.

4 thoughts on “Gestural Modular Synth Jam

  1. Great stuff – and nice to see gestures used for more than filter sweeps.

    This is still the coolest thing I’ve seen done with gestural control – gestural orchestration, where hand positions control the intensity of the orchestral arrangement:

  2. Interesting to see the Push used in keyboard mode, (the camera work and editing make it easy to follow) and I keep getting distracted by listening to that track purely for enjoyment.

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