12 thoughts on “MicroCosmos, A Korg MicroKorg + MicroSampler Jam

  1. Very nice and well done on such a small amount of equipment.
    I know we keep being told how wonderful Ipads are yet I have not seen or heard any tracks done on an Ipad?
    There are strong melodys in this . A few harshers sounds as contrast and to me it would be perfect.
    Boards of Canada are referenced, and that shows peoples age. Maybe look at tracks like Mengs Theme, Tricky disco,Salsa house, early underworld etc . Board of canada came into the scene late. There are great melodic, atmospheric tracks way before SKAM records started,
    Thanks for posting a great track.
    PS What about Ian Bodi? (scuse spelling ) his stuff in v early eighties like the climb?

    1. Not sure what iPads have to do with this guy’s great synth jam.

      But is there really any reason to think that a good musician can’t make music with whatever they’ve got, be it an iPad, a laptop, a synths or an MPC? There are plenty of great examples now of excellent iPad synth jams. Synthtopia has featured many previously, and has been reamed more than once by traditionalists because of it.

  2. Great vid!! Haven’t seen a microsampler in a couple of years. That’s was the worst piece of equipment I ever got. Still kicking myself. But great vid. This guys knows how to make use of something that was very limited. Keep it up.

      1. on the contrary, I think the microsampler is a fine instrument at an incredibly low price (I paid $250 for mine). Very flexible, good sound quality. You just have to learn to work around its limitations. The most annoying thing is the lack of pattern copy mode….I love the fact that the Korg editor still runs fine on my dinosaur Mac G4 🙂 Unlimited storage on the super cheap.

  3. Listened/watched the whole thing, and really great track! Love it!

    I’ve always wanted a Korg microsampler, but I found out about them around the time they started going out of stock everywhere. So I never ended up getting my hands on one. This video makes me wanna hunt down one again though. Somewhere on this rock we live on there gotta be a store with one last untouched ex left,,,

  4. Is there any way that you could PLEASE share the patch info for that intro sound on the microkorg? It is so glittery and excellent. Well done.

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