Caustic iOS Update Adds AudioBus, New Synth & More

caustic-2Virtual studio Caustic 3 for iOS has been updated with AudioBus support, background audio and MIDI, a new synth and more.

Caustic 3 is inspired by rack-mount synthesizer/sampler rigs, and is optimized for real-time mobile music-making.

Here’s what’s new in Caustic 3.1.0:

  • AudioBus support (in+out)
  • Background audio + virtual MIDI
  • New synth: KSSynth
  • 2 new Modular components
  • Undo/Redo in pianoroll editors
  • MIDI Pitch bend + CC mappings
  • Metronome count-in
  • Velocity pads for BeatBox
  • Skinning support

Here’s a video introduction:

This video looks at using Caustic 3 with AudioBus and virtual MIDI:

Caustic 3 is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Caustic 3, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

16 thoughts on “Caustic iOS Update Adds AudioBus, New Synth & More

  1. Yeah Baby! Two of the things I wanted most but could live without until you got to it; Audiobus and Undo/Redo. I’m so glad this is on iOS.

    1. That doesn’t make sense – Android doesn’t have Audiobus. Does it do background audio, virtual midi, and the other things added in this update?

      1. Points 1 and 2 on the list above (audiobus and virtual midi) are iOS specific, but all the other updates have been added to the Android version. There is no danger of any platform being left behind as caustic song files are shareable across all versions (and the one man development team uses the same code for iOS, Droid and windows versions).

  2. Until the AudioBus guys bring their app to Android, then obviously no, this feature isn’t available for Android users.

    This update brings much more than just AB and virtual MIDI though: a new synth, machine routing through the modular, workflow improvements like undo/redo and other shortcuts, skins, plus full machine CC mapping. These features are all available cross-platform.

    The platforms will always have their differences and there are couple of things that are Android only, but 99% of the app is the same on all platforms.

    Android certainly *isn’t* abandoned.

  3. This is quickly becoming my defacto iOS sequencer… I love it… amazing what you can do with a little extra modulation courtesy the modular and vocoder…

    Greediness speaking here, but for a future version it’d be awesome to see sound preview being added to submenus, a granular / wavetable synth and a very basic (four track, even) audio recorder for longer passages.

    Well recommended, particularly for the mixer and price!

  4. Hello !
    i discovered caustic 1 year ago. I love this app. Possibly he greatest apps for Music since reason.
    the point is that the Genius of its’ creator is to give caustic a real simplicity at first sight. And then you discover that despite this simplicity it’s quite a powerfull apps.
    It’s a must have app !!
    great !

  5. Been playing with caustic since version 2, already loved it back then, but v3 made things even better! Far out the best sequencer for the Android platform!

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