Elektron Analog Rytm OS 1.01 Adds New FM Drum Synths

Elektron has released Analog Rytm OS 1.01, and update that introduces two new machines. BDFM (Bass drum FM) and SDFM (Snare drum FM) are based on linear FM synthesis and give the Analog Rytm with new sonic possibilities.

Other improvements brought by OS 1.01 include more copy/paste options and several usability tweaks.

For a full list of changes, see the documentation included with the upgrade zip-file.

Here are audio examples of the new FM machines in action:

Analog Rytm OS 1.01 is available as a free download.

7 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm OS 1.01 Adds New FM Drum Synths

  1. I had just ordered a FB-01 cause I wanted to do some FM synth music but I knew that it would suck to use in a live setting or just make patches all together. This saves a lot of thinking and research and makes my life a whole lot easier. I love the digital sounds of FM synthesis. If I were to nitpick I would only wish it would be more along the lines of what the Genesis/Master system sounds like.

    1. FM isn’t actually a digital process though – you can get great natural FM sounds simply by summing the CV of a VCO with the output of another VCO. I used to do this all the time with some homebrew oscillators. The trick is getting them to stay in tune while you do this – hence most synths reliance on DCO’s or all-digital oscillators to produce FM and it’s frequent association with ‘digital’ sound (the FB-01, along with the DX7, use Phase Modulation, not true FM). My guess is with a lot of faster, cheaper, high quality DAC’s coming out, we will get a lot of DCO synths with really nice FM options – not just ‘linear’ but all kinds of analog-modeled waveforms. It will be awesome 🙂

  2. Huh. That’s pretty cool – definitely moves it from my ‘pass, thanks’ to my ‘hmm, maybe someday category’
    Have they ever mentioned the type of oscillators they use? The elektron block diagram (with it’s ever so helpful ‘percussive sound generator’ block) doesn’t offer much insight. I’m guessing these are similar DCO’s to the previous units so the ‘linear’ qualifier indicates the carrier they are using is digital in origin rather than one oscillator feeding the other? I’d also be interested to know if using one of the FM parts disables the sample for that part? Not being critical, just curious. Quite cool 🙂

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