6 thoughts on “Inside The Roland AIRA VT-3 Vocal Transformer

  1. He sure covered every base with a fine-toothed comb. He really nailed it when he ran the AX-1 through it. We all know what vocoders, pitch-shifters and formant modifiers do, but it really started to shine as a macro effects box. He did a great job of stepping through several of its behaviors and showing off its musicality with demonstrative licks. With a bit of trimming, this should be Roland’s demo for the VT.

    1. I bought the VT-3 because I wanted a pitch shifter/harmonizer and used it with guitar and a Volca Beat. If I were Roland I wouldn’t advertise the VT-3 as just a voice effect.

  2. I bought one and I am very pleased with it. Good to see someone having a light hearted aproach to music tech.
    I am glad it’s not my warranty though…

  3. The VT-3 looks and sounds good to me – but is there really no way to ‘play’ the vocoder using a keyboard? That seems like a huge gap.

    1. I can understand Roland’s decision to leave out some of the desirable functionality because they have other equipment on offer like the VP-7 that supports playing the vocoder using a MIDI signal.

  4. Haha oh, actually inside. Wasn’t really expecting that. Always good fun to take a peek inside kit, but I’m not sure what he went looking for there. All these modern digital instruments are going to look largely the same, just a lot of basic stuff feeding into a monolithic DSP chip and the clunky bits to deal with us meatsacks. For the real stuff, you’ve gotta strip down the package and break out the AFM! 🙂

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