19 thoughts on “Rodents On Turntables

  1. All those edits/cuts make one suspect that the rodents were not having much fun.

    I would NOT want to watch the blooper reel for this.

      1. Fun fact, you can meet all these rodents and more, simply by visiting the toilets at your next LiveNation® event! As a convenience to you, the fan, LiveNation® has thoughtfully provided for this service through a small ($99.99) service charge to your ticket booking. Should you wish to decline this LiveNation® service and request a refund of your rodent-inclusive booking fee, simply mail proof of purchase, original birth certificate, and first-born child to LiveNation® Headquarters by 1 January, 1862. Refund will be issued in LiveNation® merchandise in 8-12 decades. LiveNation® thanks you, the fans and realizes that though you have many choices in your ticket booking provider, all of them are us!

    1. I would think this would be more fun than sitting in a cage. Why are kids drawn to things like merry go rounds?
      I love animals and do what I can but really is this that bad?

        1. Well there is always starving, being eaten alive by predators, being poisoned….these guys are probably doing a lot better than 99% of the population.

      1. Rodents really like having fun with rotating things. If you place a hamster wheel in the wild, rodents will eventually play with it.

        1. Possibly. It is also possible that when they get on that wheel they are just reveling in the sensation of being free, running away, not being in a cage.

  2. Lol! Thanks for posting this! Funniest thing i’ve seen in a while. “Harry and Lloyd” seemed to think it was more of a carnival ride than exercise. “Herzog” rules! (and scares me a little). “Chunk” has mad sc-rat-ching skills. Good wholesome fun, methinks.

  3. Great. An ad for effing ClearChannel, because they don’t own enough media already. I take it the rodents running in circles are supposed to symbolize what they think of concert-goers?

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