Rare Vangelis Music – Studio Improvisation

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a rare example of Vangelis, improvising music on video.

The vintage video makes it clear how Vangelis uses multiple keyboards to create electronic arrangements live. He actively uses three keyboards with his right hand, completing a piano part, playing a CS-80 melody or adding a synthesized accent on what looks to be a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5.

He also uses the keyboards in multiple roles. Most of the time, Vangelis plays melodic lines with his right hand, while playing an accompaniment with his left. At other times, though, he uses his right hand in a call and response way, playing a melody on the lead synth and then adding a response on another keyboard. At times, he moves both of his hand to the piano or the CS-80, shifting the focus momentarily to that instrument,

via Nimanty

8 thoughts on “Rare Vangelis Music – Studio Improvisation

  1. The CS-80 is in the Synthtopia header, the CP-80 is the electric grand, and on top of it is what looks like a Roland modular.

  2. Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand with a Roland System101 on top…..to his right is a Yamaha CS-80 with a Roland VP330 ontop…and behind him is a Prophet 5 with possibly a strings machine sitting below it.

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