TF7 Synth Update Adds 32 FM Algorithms

tf7-ipad-fm-synthesizerTF7 Synth – an FM software synth for the iPad – has been updated with 6-operator FM synthesis options, selectable keypad scales, Inter-App Audio and more.

Note: TF7 is a ‘freemium’ app – it’s a free download, but in-app purchases unlock ‘Pro’ features and the expanded 6-operator FM synth features.

Here’s what’s new in TF7 version 1.4:

  • New IAP Expanded Algorithms bringing 6-operator FM synthesis to the iPad – 32 New FM Algorithms and 3 New Effects (Reverse Delay, Ring Modulator and Maelstrom Filter)
  • Selectable scales for the TF7 Keypad (Pentatonic, Blues ,Japanese, Minor, Mode scales and more)
  • Inter-app Audio : Use TF7 as an instrument in Cubasis and other DAWs. Freeze your TF7 track in Cubasis to save CPU!
  • Press the Keypad lock button in full screen mode to access the preset selector at the bottom of the screen.
  • Directly modify modulation values by pressing on the number itself for fine modulation adjustments


  • TF7 now syncs with Cubasis MIDI Clock
  • Improved reliability of TF7 keypad
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

TF7 is a free download in the App Store. Advanced features are unlocked via in-app purchases.

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