EigenD – A Free and Open Music Performance Environment

This video, via developer Geert Bevin, is an introduction to EigenD – a general purpose music performance environment.

While EigenD was developed for using with the Eigenlabs Eigenharp, it’s grown into a free, open source performance platform, for all digital music instruments and controllers.

In this video, Bevin explores a performance setup he uses for working with electric guitar.

EigenD can be downloaded for free from the Eigenlabs site. EigenD is open source, and the source code is available on GitHub.

9 thoughts on “EigenD – A Free and Open Music Performance Environment

        1. Yea, I deserve that.

          This is what threw me: “Note that EigenD isn’t signed for MacOSX yet.”

          May you all break your wrists self-high-fiving yourselves. 😉

    1. Did you watch the video or checkout their site?

      In the video he talks about audio units and on the site it says clearly. Not to mention you can see the mbp.

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