11 thoughts on “Alessandro Cortini Explains His Nine Inch Nails Live Rig

  1. The cassette thing blew me away because I used a Yamaha MT4X 4-track the same way in the mid ’80s with sequenced keyboard parts and track 4 feeding a click to my drummer. Great video.

  2. Indiana Drones! This guy is cool af. I wish I had been a little closer to the stage so I could have gotten a better view of him manipulating this rig. It gets a little tougher to see what’s going on when their LED web comes down over the band. It looks pretty damn cool though.

  3. Many synths died to bring this incarnation of NiN’s live synth setup. I am glad Trent came to appreciate his/bands equipment. The idea of a water bottle being within 10 feet of the prophet and modular gear makes my palms sweaty. Alessandro seems like a really nice guy šŸ˜€

  4. While not a traditional NIN fan, I admire the people and the gig a lot. Trent and his various sidemen always exhibit great attitude, which is a fine template for being a pro while still having fun. Alessandro really impresses me and that cassette business is part of why. I started with cassettes for various things, which carried its own low-tech mystique. Now, its a secondary form of play, but listen to it work! Juggling varied toys that well is part of being a good synthesist. I learned to admire music outside my personal focus, because you can learn so much beyond a mere ‘like’ for the music itself. Alessandro is a prime example. Any guy who plays modulars, a P-12 and a Soundplane in the same rig is a mensch deserving of our respect. Thumbs-up for NIN.

  5. I like his idea of the making the Prophet 12’s Character section (Hack/Girth/Decimation/Air/Drive) a standalone unit. It could make a great Eurorack module.

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