Eventide UltraChannel Native Channel Strip Available As A Free Download


Eventide has released UltraChannel Native – a 64-bit native channel strip plug-in – as a free download through July 8th, 2014.

UltraChannel Native is a plugin (AU, VST, and AAX64) for Mac and PC. It offers micro pitch functionality, stereo delays with variable feedback paths, plus two stages of compression, gating, and five bands of parametric EQ.

Here’s a video intro:

UltraChannel Native Channel Strip Plugin

UltraChannel features a pair of dynamics processors: the O-Pressor, capable of extreme compression (this is the compressor section of the Omnipressor) and a conventional compressor with de-essing and side-chain capability.

UltraChannel also offers Soft-Saturation, and Transformer emulation which recreates transformer core saturation. This feature adds harmonics to low frequency material while remaining relatively transparent to the rest of signal. They say that, while relatively subtle, in aggregate, Transformer can bring life to otherwise dull mixes and help glue disparate sound sources together.

FlexiPath routing allows drag and drop for reordering the signal path of the top level components (O-Pressor, compressor/de-esser, EQ, Gate).

UltraChannel includes a variety of factory presets tailored to signal sources such as guitar, bass, kick drum, snare, piano, strings, synths and vocals. A number of the presets were created by Eventide artists.

UltraChannel is available as a free download through midnight July 8, 2014, after which it will cost $249. Use Coupon Code 07D96411.

If you give UltraChannel a try, let us know what you think of it!

25 thoughts on “Eventide UltraChannel Native Channel Strip Available As A Free Download

  1. Read about this a week ago and decided to ignore it because of iLok until Nick Batt on the sonicstate podcast pointed out that it did not require an iLok but merely an iLok account (and installed iLok software).

    I’ve yet to put it fully through its paces but for the (nonexistent) price there’s no reason not to grab it.

  2. It looks awesome. I will perform some “stress-tests” when I will mix my band’s song.
    I have spent some time turning its knobs already, and from the first look it’s comfortable “all-in-one-place” plugin. The only dissapointing thing is that sidechain is not available in VST version.

    1. I couldn’t get the sidechain working with the au version in logic, thought I was doing wrong so I tested another compressor, it worked, hope they sort this out, unless it’s just my version of logic.

      1. Yea I was reading the manual, and said currently the side chain feature only work on AU and AAX. I guess according to them it should’ve worked. Try it on another DAW.

  3. cool, i read about this a week ago and decided to forego it as I hate iLok, still have an ilok1, but don;t want to go back to that toxicity…. cool you just need an account… i guess I should still have mine, does installing the software on your computer (osx) create issues for anyone?

      1. thanks for the info,

        i forgot i have an ilok1 for some stuff, but i can’t for the life of me find the licensor software on my mac, i know it works, as I use the stuff, haven’t bothered with it in years, and heard all the warnings about updating your ilok software etc… so didn’t, and have had no problems thus far… and i have no idea what my ilok login is (can;t find my text file login info), and the ilok site for me is just spinning in the right corner from 2 different browsers… hmmmm…..

        1. got it worked out, and deposited on ilok, disregard last post with issues, looking forward to test driving it…

  4. I think I did steps correctly, but ??? the download?

    Not seeing an email, no download at Eventide or ilok site…..

    What should I be looking for or expecting?

    Thank You

  5. iLok a deal breaker for me … every time I have installed any software of this kind it’s messed things up on my machine somewhere along the line and now I am several times bitten forever shy…

    Therefore any software that uses this I simply won’t buy, regardless of how amazing it is. I know I am probably being a little irrational and certainly missing out on some great stuff, but there’s plenty of other great stuff out there that doesn’t impose such requirements that I haven’t even begun to explore.

    just saying 🙂

  6. as soon as i saw ilock i got real let down. even though it is just an account, makes me think that the day the price gets attached, is the day you need a key attached.

    otherwise they would just have you register on the eventide site?

    1. They want you to use iLok so you can have a key, a key that you don’t have to pay for unless you missed the early-bird deal and opt to buy the product July 8th after the free giveaway. The FAQ on their website specifically says that this doesn’t expire and isn’t restricted in any way. If they distributed it now with no key, no iLok…and then tried to transition on July 8th to using iLok so they could make money off of this, how would that work? There would be a no-key-necessary version floating about competing with the one they are trying to sell. Now, they could have chosen a number of other less controversial online auth/key systems, and I don’t know why they went with iLok. But nonetheless, they are trying to get their product out there and I am kind of happy that someone has chosen to go this route where they actually give the full working product away for early adopters and then monetize it later based on reputation.

  7. I always stayed away from iLok because I figured I would just loose the damned thing. When II saw that you could download an iLok account thingy I decided to give it try. It was all very straightforward and easy to create the account, install the iLok software and access the download.

    When I tried the plugin out I was really impressed with the amount of options, flexibility, and most importantly the sound quality. Well done Eventide and thank you very much.

  8. And the iLok site is down… I really am wary of them!

    “Proxy Error
    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.
    Reason: Error reading from remote server
    Additionally, a 502 Bad Gateway error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.12 (Linux/SUSE) Server at http://www.ilok.com Port 443″

  9. What’s really ironic is, after installing the new Pace iLok application after uninstalling the old version which didn’t work (I can’t remember why I installed it but never used it) and starting it up, there is a box in the lower left that says “Zero Downtime information.” When I select to log in, a box pops up stating that the server is unavailable due to maintenance or failure and there is no estimate of when it will be back up. Selecting the Zero Downtime button links to a web site that fails to open. Then, a few minutes later, the program allows me to log in. Security. Hit’s a funny ol’ thing.
    The Ultrachannel key did appear in my iLok client about thirty seconds after registering, so that’s better than expected. The download was also quick and installation painless (after glancing through the license agreement, of course–I always do that; if I see any verbiage relating to internal organs or first born male child, I usually think twice about agreeing.) Ultrachannel loads into FL Studio’s Fruity Mixer with no problems whatsoever. I’d say if people are having problems with this process, they should check that their Internet connection is not full of noise at the moment, and that their security software isn’t being a PITA.

  10. Oh, and I could not for the life of me remember where I’d seen the name Eventide before. Then I went to their web site and was reminded that they make avionics equipment, of which I had seen a ton in aviation magazines and at aeronautical university. I did not know they made musical equipment. They’re kind of like Yamaha. A little bit of everything under the Sun.

  11. Downloaded the iLok manager and the plugin. Works like a charm. I already had an iLok account anyway for EWQLSO so no big deal. But even without it would have been a cinch.

  12. Seems like a nice plug in. Blows my mind why they didn’t put a touch more effort into the UI, especially the text. It just looks and feels “old” compared to everything else I use Like this is straight out of 1999. Or maybe that was the point? Do many people under 35 even know who Eventide is?

  13. I was excited about Eventide, but then I got to the iLok part. 🙁

    The music software industry seems to be stuck in the past with all of these intrusive DRM and license managers, dongles, etc..

    Maybe the software folks are conspiring to drive people back to hardware or something.

  14. Super nice plug-in! sound very well and warm, and for free! despite about ilok if you make music this don’t care, the final sound is more important. Thanks.

  15. I’ve loaded this plugin into FL Studio 11 and it seems to work fine. However, I’m not able to bring uo and presets that were supposed to be included with this plugin. When I click on the preset down arrow I get nothing. I know where the presets are stored i just dont know why clicking on the preset box down arrow does nothing. So at this time I am unable to load ANY factory installed presets in Ultra Channel plugin within FL Studio 11.

  16. I downloaded and activated ultra channel using i lok on my first PC hard drive but when i tried to upload it on my second hard drive it gives me message BAD MACHINE BINDING FOR SOFTWARE. I t also shows empty in start programs under Ulltra channel

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