Graphic Control Voltage Eurorack Module


The CV Graphic V2 is a prototype Eurorack synth module, created by Lysandre Follet, that is designed to allow graphical manipulation of control voltages.

The CV Graphic is built around an Atmega328 chip, a 128×128 OLED screen and two DACs.

According to Follet, “The main idea behind the module is to provide interaction between CVs and graphics, where graphics become a ‘virtual partner’ in the musical creative process.”

Here’s a demo of the CV Graphic 2, running a 16-step graphic sequencer:


  • OLED Screen 128×128 Pixels
  • Build around Arduino
  • 2 Trigger OUT
  • 2 CV IN
  • 2 CV OUT with 12bits DAC
  • 1 CLOCK IN
  • 2 Potentiometer
  • 1 Rotary Encoder
  • Bluetooth FTDI for wireless loading of sketches

The project is in development – but Follet plans a limited run of PCBs.


Pricing and availability are to be announced.

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