11 thoughts on “Monome Sum, In Part

  1. I love seeing women who have embraced the technology — aren’t intimidated by it, and don’t feel excluded from what’s often a kind of boys’ club.

    I don’t know why (anthropologically speaking), but on average, the women who do embrace the tech, don’t usually make a fetish of it, the way we guys tend to. We get all giddy inside when we see the latest nerdy music tools; is that our egos detecting an extension to our power?
    Whereas women seem to side-step that stuff, and just _use_ the tech.

    (Huge generalization, I realize, but that’s my observation.)

    I wonder why??

    1. Yep, huge generalization. I only know a few girls into synths but they are way nerdier than me, always saving up for more Roland SHs and vintage Korgs. They do control the technical aspect of it (not that hard, mind you) but they’re always after the big analogue sound. Total analogue fetishists.

  2. At first I thought this was going to be another fiddly weebly thing, but it evolved very nicely and a really enjoyed the whole ride. Well done!

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