New ‘Ethereal Pad Instrument’, Angelic Vocal Pads 6

angelic-vocal-padsPrecisionsound has introduced Angelic Vocal Pads 6, a collection of ‘ethereal pad instruments’ for Kontakt (full version), EXS24 & Soundfont.

Unlike most choir libraries, Angelic Vocal Pads features multiple voices from a single singer layered in each vowel. The sound  therefore expresses the unique voice of the singer.

Angelic Vocal Pads 6 features the voice of Swedish singer Angelica Henriksson.

Angelic Vocal Pads 6 contains 6 vowels:
“A”, “E”, “I”, “U”, “O” & “M”. The natural range of the singer is F2-C5, stretched to C2-C5.

Here are the official audio demos:


  • 330 24-bit stereo WAV samples.
  • 6 multi-layered vowels: A, E, I, U, O, M.
  • Natural range of the singer is F2 – C5, stretched to C2 – C5.
  • 3 programs for NI Kontakt v.3–5 with expressive vowel morphing controls.
  • 18 programs for Logic EXS24.
  • 18 programs for NI Kontakt v.2 (full version)
  • 12 programs for SoundFont (16-bit).

The library is available now for US $49.

11 thoughts on “New ‘Ethereal Pad Instrument’, Angelic Vocal Pads 6

  1. Maybe its just me, but I think this sounds terrible. They put so much reverb and chorus on the vocals that I can not even tell what quality it is. I guess that’s the point.

  2. I just noticed this is for the iPad 6, i guess my expectations were too high. Still 50 is way too much for the quality of sound it creates.

  3. Gahhhh… disregard previous post. It is clearly not for the iPad… have not had my coffee this morning. But I still think it is too expensive!

  4. The demos are pretty amateurish, and don’t really give a good sense of whether the samples are any good.

    Hard to say if they just need better demos, or if it just doesn’t cut it. Sad to say, though. I’m sure they put in a lot of work. You just can’t skimp on the demos. Folks just won’t part with $50 unless they hear something worthwhile in the demos.

  5. I thought that kind of “music” is being generated by computer programs and being listened by “enlightened” people only.

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