Free Music Friday: Cycles, By Daniel Davis

Free Music Friday: Ambient artist Daniel J. Davis (Carl Sagan’s Ghost) has released a new album of ambient electronic music, Cycles.

The album features Fender Rhodes, OP-1, Micorkorg, MS-2000, CZ-1, Nord Lead 3, Bass Station II, DX7 and HS-60.

You can preview Cycles via the embed above. It’s available as a name your price download  ($0 and up) at Bandcamp.


  • Digital Dreams (part 1)
  • Digital Dreams (part 2)
  • MurkStation 3
  • The Future
  • Earlier that Morning
  • A Washed Out Wish

3 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: Cycles, By Daniel Davis

  1. I found the above mentioned album to be very relaxing; the kind of music to practice my self-hypnosis. Very pretty melodies and synthesizer licks. I wanted to download the album but I don’t like giving out my credit card info. there’s got to be an easier way to do this . Maybe by P.O. Box

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