Noise Engineering Eurorack Synthesizer Modules, In Depth

In this video, Stephen McCaul of Noise Engineering takes an in-depth look at the company’s Eurorack module line.

  • Noise Engineering Eurorack modules:
  • Ataraxic Translatron – LFSR VCO
  • Basimilus Iteritas – Drum Synthesizer
  • Zularic Repetetor – Rhythm Sequencer
  • Sinclastic Empulatrix – Envelope Generator with minimum VCA
  • Variatic Sequent – Simple Gate Sequencer
  • Variatic Dilato – CV Expander for VS
  • Variatic Multium – Gate Expander for VS
  • Continuus Sequent – Simple CV Sequencer
  • Roticulum Sequent – Sequent family combiner
  • Horologic Solum – Simple LFO for sequencer clock


2 thoughts on “Noise Engineering Eurorack Synthesizer Modules, In Depth

    1. the bottom is a ribbon controller, as well as a touch switch (capacitor) – also some attenuators and constant voltage sources. the middle appears to be a multiple/mixer. not mine, not inside info, but I’ve seen similar cases before.

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