A Little Modular Music

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Kurt Kurasaki, captures ‘a little modular music’ – a live Eurorack modular synth jam that combines aleatoric elements and structure from live tweaking.

Here’s what Kurasaki has to say about it: 

This is one of the latest patches that utilizes modules from Make Noise, Verbos Electronics, Livewire, and Music Thing / Thonk.

The patch is fairly pre-set, relying on a couple of base sequences that are scanned at random rates based on values generated by the Livewire Chaos computer. The oscillators are inter modulating to dynamically change timbre, and one sequence also drives the minimoog model D that provides the backing pad.

Most of the build up and breakdown is manual tweaking of dynamic and timbral controls for a sense of live performance, but the notes and sequence themselves are random.

7 thoughts on “A Little Modular Music

  1. It’s great to hear some actual music come out of these setups. So man modular owners just make random unmusical bleepy noise.

  2. That’s more like it. I eat part of my dubious words about modulars in light of someone who knows how to play one well. I’d love to have that on my MP3 alarm clock. It’d be far better than the endless hyena scream of morning radio.

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