Roger Linn LinnStrument Musical Demos

Instrument designer Roger Linn today released a couple of videos that demo the LinnStrument – a new multitouch musical instrument. Both demos highlight the instruments ability to let you independently articulate each individual note.

The first video, above, demos the LinnStrument being used with a pedal steel guitar sound. The second, below, explores more of a blues harmonica sound. 

In each video, one of the key features that Linn demos is pitch control over individual notes, even when playing polyphonically.

The LinnStrument is currently in development. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

14 thoughts on “Roger Linn LinnStrument Musical Demos

  1. Roger, you closet blues hound! That was really engaging and gave me a good laugh. How unexpected. If anything was going to convince me that the form was musically useful, that was it. No matter what else a person might choose to use that for, its clear that the vital fluidity is there. Its ready for prime time. You’re chipping away at my skepticism about alternate controllers. Gold star for best demo of the month.

    1. Thanks for those kind words! Yes, the LinnStrument is getting very close, we figured out how to get the all critical elements worked super fluidly and expressively in the software. Now we’re working on a series of additional features that make playing even more fun. Everything is advancing really well!

  2. Maybe round the corners and rear face a little similar to a guitar body so it can sit comfortably like a guitar but still sit flush on a desk… Just a thought. keep going you good thing!

  3. For the kidz viewing, that was the pedal steel from “Teach Your Children” — and it is worth mentioning that that track was played by none other than the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.

  4. This looks likes really beautiful instrument, will it have midi din in and out? If so it looks like it could be a solution I have been looking for for years

  5. I love where this is going.. Expression control like that of the Seaboard, as well as the scale-playability of the Push? This is going to be THE instrument to own upon its release.

      1. Thanks for the info! So I’m guessing it’s closer in relation to an Eigenharp? You’d know wouldn’t you? Haha..

        1. Yup, closer to the Eigenharp in terms of expressiveness, which is why I’m helping Roger out 🙂

          However, given the grid nature of the LinnStrument, I think that it will be more accessible to a majority of musicians, even though the sensors are not as precise as the Eigenharp (but those are really insanely sensitive). Minor note also, the Eigenharp and the LinnStrument are the only two per-note expression controllers that have lights … gotta love those lights! 😀

          1. I know what you mean. I’ve seen a lot of people utterly confused by just a simple wind/breath controller (like they had no clue what someone would use it for). You and Mr. Linn keep up the excellent work and please continue to break ground in controllerism. Me and many others anxiously await more updates!

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