You Could Use A Roland JP-8000, Or You Could Create A Supersaw With 10 Analog Synths And Rule The World! Bwa-ha-ha!

This video, via magikroom, shows what happens when you try to emulate the classic ‘Supersaw’ sound of the Roland JP-8000 – a virtual analog synth from the 90’s – using 10 hardware analog synths!

Massive overkill at its best? You make the call!

Technical details below:

Synths used:

  • DSI Prophet 08
  • DSI Tetra (2 of them)
  • Analogue Solutions Telemark V2
  • Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Moog Slim Phatty
  • Roland Juno 6
  • Roland JX10
  • Novation Bass Station 2

He notes that he panned and detuned the oscillators and added some Strymon effects.

40 thoughts on “You Could Use A Roland JP-8000, Or You Could Create A Supersaw With 10 Analog Synths And Rule The World! Bwa-ha-ha!

      1. Please don’t mention that. Mine just failed catastrophically. I just covered it again. Haven’t been able to go back, yet. I guess I’ll have to fix it one of these days.

    1. “Is a JD-8000 is what you get when you crossbreed a JP-8000 with a JD-800?”

      with alcohol-fueled late-night editing…..

  1. So the ultimate analog monosynth is 6 Mono and 3 polys. That´s just gonna run me down like $15,000, for the supersaw sound. This sounds great though.

    1. Why the evil laugh? Will it be actual hardware? I’m not even sure how u can mention an app on a Nintendo in the same breath as just one bit of that signal chain

  2. Sound bigger than someone who goes into mcdonalds and gets an order with a days worth of calories in one sitting and a Large Diet Coke to compensate for it!

  3. Nice surprise to wake up to seeing my video on here 🙂 I just did as a laugh to see what it would sound like…shook the damn room! Oh, and not rich, just been doing it for 26 years…I have a normal job like the rest of us!

  4. you can reach the same result with the famous 1000 bagpipes rhodope’s mountains orchestra and it is fully analog !

  5. cool video, nice sound from all that gear lying about!

    1. not poly, honestly I feel the jp8000 is more flexible

    2. you can get a richer and cheaper supersaw with a couple of cloud generator eurorack modules. stacking them for poly too!

    still, all good fun 🙂

  6. Looks fun, but it’s more a “bunch of saws” than a “supersaw”. The JP-8000’s control of the detune amount, the balance of the main osc versus the secondary oscs, and the high pass filter on top of aliasing free-runing digital oscillators are what give the classic supersaw its character.

    Adam Szabo did a great job of dissecting and emulating the sound, along with explaining why people so often miss the mark…

    1. I was going to share the same link…

      Like you said, this is not really a supersaw… just a multi-synth unison patch.

      I’d love to hear the guy in the video try this with the new Future Retro Mondovox. THAT would be super helpful.

      1. People know the word “supersaw”, so that’s what they like to say. A bunch of saws together needs a new name. Maybe a “sawpile”. 🙂

  7. The Juno 106 saw is thin and crappy without the analog chorus, just as we knew all along. I’d buy any of the other synths instead in a heartbeat.

    1. Good point, the video I made could be used as a side by side comparison of various analogue synths…was really surprised with the Analogue Solutions gear, as it had the most power…love my Telemark, is the most unique sounding out of all of them.

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