Sugar Bytes Intros Egoist, ‘Perfect Track Sketch Tool’


Sugar Bytes has introduced Egoist, a new groove instrument plug-in for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Egoist is a groove instrument. Load any audio file and squeeze the groove out of it!
Try your mp3 library and use it a a sound source! The additional onboard bass, beat and fx units make Egoist the perfect track sketch tool in the studio and on the road.


  • Quick + Easy track sketching, based on sample slicing
  • Minimal, yet effective bass line
  • Unique beat box with more than 1000 drums from vintage to electronic
  • Effect Sequencer
  • Randomizers in all areas

Here are the official intro videos:



Beat Bass:


Settings & Song:

Egoist is available now for US $99 / EUR.

13 thoughts on “Sugar Bytes Intros Egoist, ‘Perfect Track Sketch Tool’

  1. Can you change the tempo of loop on the fly? Maybe it is demonstrated in the videos. Need to watch them later to find out I guess.

  2. Currently it doesn’t have start stop sync with DAW, temp sync is fine, but you have to start loop playback manually!
    I’m sure they will update this soon, but pretty useless as a plug in until they do.

  3. This looks fantastic. It’s like the TE OP-1 meets Korg ESX & EMX. There’s something inspiring about the easy and simple arrangement. I’ve made some interesting minimal beats already and could see making full tracks without much problem. For people who like to keep their music on the “less is more” side, you should really check out the demo. Looks like this will be a purchase the next pay day.

  4. Great fun… But if you want to transition away from the computer keyboard, external MIDI control is actually an issue… very limited at present. Anyone else thrown off on that side of things? Was v much looking forward to Maschine Mikro controller integration… Egoist response so far? NADA! Any one get Egoist working with Maschine controller?

  5. Would really like to try it. however been having an issue getting the demo. everytime I download it google chrome blocks it an tells me Mallcious software.

  6. I own Gadget Abu dhabi, Bilbao and Samplr, I just bought Egoist because I found it have greater capability in its slicer that other apps are not so easy to manipulated and integrated. Samplr is a worthless app for me personally plus it never got its upgrade to ios 8 and no IAA support to use it in with other apps. To be fair, I wish Sugar Bytes can do futher more to improve the Bassline sounding choices. If possible to intergrade WOW and Turnado to the Egoist interface without resort to Audiobus connection, such a champion combination for Ipad!

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