Groovesizer Bravo Turns Groove Synth Into 8-Bit Drum Machine

In this video, developer MoShang demos the features of the new Bravo firmware for the Groovesizer MB. It turns the Multiboard into a 4-voice 8-bit drum machine.

The Groovesizer MB (for multiboard) is a DIY 8-bit audio platform. It can take on a number of different roles from sequencer to synth, drum machine, or MIDI controller, depending on the firmware it’s running.

The Groovesizer MB is available as a DIY kit for US $168.

13 thoughts on “Groovesizer Bravo Turns Groove Synth Into 8-Bit Drum Machine

    1. Once you’re set up to flash firmware from the Arduino IDE, it’s really quite painless. Yes, you could conceivably use different firmwares in one session. Some of the options for uploading firmware are discussed outlined here: I also have some usbtinyisp units on order to see if they work well as a cheaper option. If they’re reliable, I’ll put some up for sale in the store.

  1. have gone from not caring to wanting to order TWO …any plans to make commercially available as I am in the UK

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