Akai iMPC Pro Submitted To The App Store – Here’s The Latest Sneak Preview

Developer Retronyms has announced that the upcoming Akai Pro iMPC Pro app has been submitted to the App Store for approval.

They’ve also released the latest video in their iMPC Pro series. It covers Sound Mode, browsing sounds, laying out drum kits, the included sample banks and more.

You can view the complete playlist of iMPC Pro videos below:

Pricing and availability for iMPC Pro are to be announced.

30 thoughts on “Akai iMPC Pro Submitted To The App Store – Here’s The Latest Sneak Preview

    1. Honestly, I’d probably pay $40. I’m expecting 20-25$, though. The workflow looks much more elegant than BeatMaker 2. I was debating buying a used MPC500, but I’m willing to give the “iPad as studio hub” thing one more shot.

      1. I’m still a little skeptical about this, but if they deliver a real software mpc, it will easily be worth $30-40.

      2. I have a 500. I’d take an iPad with this software any day over the 500. Dear Lord, save me from this buggy mess of an OS.

    1. The original iMPC was $3 wasn’t it? If you’re going to make your decision based on whether or not you get a $3 discount, maybe you don’t need this app.

      FWIW, I’m expecting this to come in priced in the $30-40 range. That’s what a lot of the pro-oriented music apps are going for, and this is definitely trying to be a serious MPC. If they get it right, $40 would be a steal for a good MPC app. I just hope there aren’t any major issues with this when it comes out!

      1. It was also a ripoff, even at three dollars, so taking the price of it off the new version as a “mea culpa” would be a nice way to generate goodwill (nicer, perhaps, than paying bloggers to cover every step of its development).

        1. It wasn’t a rip-off, it was a $3 app and some people were just pissed that they didn’t get a full-fledged MPC for $3.

          It was better than iMaschine or Figure, so what do you really expect for $3?

    2. Near the end of one of these teaser videos, I’m pretty sure he mentioned they were working on some kind of discount/deal for current iMPC users. I think it might have been the video just before this one.

      1. No, he said “something”, selective app discounts aren’t possible but they might throw in an IAP sample set or something. Or something to do with Tabletop.

  1. i will give it a go if its not expensive, but i think i will wait for the first update, hind sight tells me their will be a few bugs to be ironed out first……..

    actually may be the third or forth update just jogging my memory.

  2. No Audiobus. No MIDI Out. The latter intrinsic to what an MPC has been since 1988. Both standards iOS supports and cost Retronyms nothing to implement. So no this is not a professional app and Retronyms are not very professional to shove their ripped off from Audiotool overpriced Tabletop and endless banner ads their customers throats.

  3. Being 42 years old ,if i was 20 now ,i would be very happy with this kinda potential, spent a fortune on studio gear ,but this on an ipad with the potential of apps like auria ect, wow ,its pretty incredible really

  4. I’m optimistic as this app has some very important things that I want in it, but we will have to see if the crucial little things that are necessary to tie everything together in the right way are present. I was fooled once with the maschine software, and once with the first impc so now I’m watching what I consume very closely.
    But why is everybody screaming fifty bucks like you want the app to cost so much can we bring this mofo down a bit, can I ge $10.00 and a witness?

    1. I’d love them to give it away for free, with some beer to go with it.

      But I’d rather have the app be something that Akai/Retronyms will continue to develop and support. To do that, it’s got to be priced realistically – which is probably going to be in the $20-40 range, like most other serious iOS music apps.

      There are tons of cheap music apps that haven’t been updated since they were released. All the apps that are good – like Animoog, Audulus, Gadget, etc – cost a little more but deliver a hell of a lot more.

  5. The Clapper agrees with the sentient being kobamoto, there is no need to gouge the price before it’s even out, the app is done now, lets hope it’s very cheap and better than expected rather than expensive and worse than expected. They need to make sure the introductory price is close to peanuts and if the app turns out to be a thing of refined beauty then bump it up to a zillion dollars if they want.

  6. To the whingers who are angry at Retronyms for not including “audiobus” in this app, IT HAS INTERAPP AUDIO. This means that the present brand new version of audiobus can actually still have it. The audiobus devs have someone made both protocols interface, not sure I understand how, but even if they wouldn’t have done this, you could still route this app to an fx app then an iDAW, so what is the big deal?

    I suspect Retronyms just don’t like people dissing developers who don’t add audiobus upon first release. Sure it’s an easy sdk to implement, but people respond to requests depending on how they are being approached.

    Audiobus fanboys favourite method is to boycott apps publicly if they don’t have the features they want and neglect to consider the hard work and money spent developing apps!

    If I were a dev, I’d be hopping mad reading some of the petty tantrums about features, that being said, I don’t think this iMPC pro needs interapp audio even as it is feature packed already.

    A simple workflow can often generate sublime results, whereas a complex routing fx can often times muddy the overall sound and result in incomplete and poorly made music.

    Why can’t people just allow developers their rights to make the apps in the way they want and then people will decide for themselves wether the app suits their needs?

    If you need a serious mpc app to play alongside 5-10 other apps then you obviously miss the essence of what an mpc style production method is all about IMHO

  7. It will have an intro price when it’s released on Tuesday. The intro price is lower then any guessed figure above. $19.99 will be the regular price after that (source: Retronyms news section inside the old iMPC & their official twitter).

    Cons – No midi clock sync in/out. No Audiobus. Had they implemented Audiobus like all the other big boys, the Audiobus SDK would have implemented IAA for them as well (not the other way around). No midi sync clock. No midi sync…no midi sy

    Pros – Looks like a brilliant self contained beat/sample production app. Finally something proper, with a nice and fast interface, that’ll chop and slice those samples onto those pads. IAA effects in the mixer section = opens up a lot of possibilities. Day one purchase fo’shizzle

  8. It’s arrived , and it’s great fun, well done on an amazing app , I’m well impressed , sort some time stretching out and audiobus , warp markers ableton style , midi clock in/ out ect and then your on the right track , a great start guys well done xxx

  9. Oh come on… midi in/out, sync missing?

    Pro? This cannot possibly mean professional – this is just another f*cking joke from Retronyms!

    After all the fanfare too… I don’t care how good the rest of it is, if they can’t even get _really_basic_ stuff like this in on first release then it is just another EPIC FAIL!

    No sale!

  10. Um… mixed reports coming in over the midi in/out sync omission, but vague info on how it actually works!

    I might have to eat my words, but while I’m not afraid of admitting being wrong I haven’t bought this and was relying on the reports of others!

    Anyone got a definitive answer?

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