Free Cannabis Offers Two Types Of ‘Funny’ Effects

cannibisBitsonic has released Cannabis vocoder for WIndows –  a ‘funny plugin’ that they say can completely change the sound of your vocal track.

The mono version is an effect plugin, meaning it works as a VST effect, rather than as an instrument. Using the effect on the vocal track, the software automatically tracks the tune of the vocal track, and calculates the pitch of the changed sound as well.

The poly version is a VST instrument application, where you can load the vocal track into the software and, using, the MIDI channel you can use it as a polyphonic vocoder.

Here’s a demo of Cannabis in action:

Cannabis Vocoder is a free download from the Bitsonic site.

26 thoughts on “Free Cannabis Offers Two Types Of ‘Funny’ Effects

  1. Impressive insofar as in the duration of a five minute demonstration, there was not one thing in that entire video that did not sound terrible.

    1. The real question isn’t whether you like the music in the demo, but whether you like the capabilities demonstrated.

      This plugin is clearly capable of some serious sound mangling, so I’m looking forward to testing it out.

    2. Yeesh, all this hate for a *free* plug-in.
      Someday someone will introduce a plug-in that they’ll *pay* you $5US to download it. It’ll probably break the record for “longest negative comment thread on Synthtopia”.

  2. This is for the constant bombarding of “What, no Windows?” everytime a Mac only plugins comes out, even if it’s free. “WHAT, NO MAC version!!!” :p

  3. What a cheesey embarrassing name.
    In the uk, cannabis use accounts for the majority of mental hospital patients.
    Been there and done the drugs trip.
    The name will amuse some sad dope heads but will turn off, educational services etc.

    1. It’s light-hearted humor man

      I can’t even imagine a time when some educational service would come across this, and be offended.

    2. This coming from a guy living in one of the most alcohol addicted countries in the world. Do you still drink, or are you a tee-totaler? For what it’s worth, drunks are FAR bigger dick heads that stoners. At least stoners don’t try to pick fights or vomit in your lap.

      Yeah it’s a dumb name for a plug in, but jeeze m lou, get off of your soap box… “cured” drug users are the worst, as they suddenly feel like it’s their duty to constantly prosthelytize.

    3. Brandon, where did you read those figures about mental health patients? Seems that when a country/state provides a ‘no conviction, just go to rehab’ get out of jail card for people, they’ll happily say they are addicted to a drug and need help. The cases of mental disorders relating to cannabis skyrocketed in the UK when they introduced the ‘Poor me, I’m addicted’ clause. Back on subject…the plugin is very good. It needs to be renamed though. Then again, if it hadn’t been named the ‘cannabis’ plugin, I wouldn’t have seen it. So maybe keep the name or rename it to another popular phrase/word 🙂

  4. There are music projects across the uk in inner cities that are trying to get kids and young adults away from drugs and into creative activities. If anyone bothers to look at the people celebrating drugs , you will see that the authors of the books are mainly middle class pratts,
    Trying to be hip. The biggest aditional problem with canabis use is it makes people using it look like utter dickheads .

    1. Yes, really, cancer victims and glaucoma sufferers and women with unbearable PMS can be such dickheads, right?

    2. Drugs tend to amplify whatever is already there. If you were already a fool or an @$$hole, you become a bigger one and that’s no excuse for crap behavior. If a drug is taken responsibly and provides relief, then its legit, but as with most things, it depends on the clarity and forethought of the user. Its not a free ticket to juvenile irresponsibility. Stop thinking that terms like “Everyone,” “Some people” or “Never” belong in a real-world debate. That’s just FOX News garbage-speak. I’m down on hard drugs, having lost two friends to them, but ranting and over-generalizing serves no useful purpose.

    3. You must know a lot of dickheads, because Cannabis doesn’t turn people into dickheads, pre-conceptions do. Getting back to the subject, the plugin is great, but why jump on the Cannabis bandwagon by naming it thus? It’s a great plugin, but I just wouldn’t use it purely because it has been named as it is. I am a regular smoker, and have been following the medicinal breakthrough discoveries about pot for 20+ years. I would have called it the ‘Acid’ plugin, but I guess that name was taken.

  5. How come your message got voted down straight away then .?
    Great to see your over reaction to some thoughts about drug encouragement in music.
    Was it Neil Young who said there are a thousand albums ‘NOT’ made as a result of drugs?

    1. Well it’s hard to argue with “accounts for a majority of the mental hospital patients” lol. Could it just be that people with schizophrenia or bipolar at some point turned to cannabis and/or alcohol, tobacco and a dozen other substances to try and get a little relief from their complicated situation?

      Nah. And apparently cannabis propaganda is being spread primarily by people who “write books”? Also, educational facilities- ever on the lookout for new sound-mangling vocoder plugins, wouldn’t even THINK of touching this particular one, you say?

      Take a deep breath, Brandon, your convoluted arguments are precisely the kind of stupid shit I say when I’m really high lol.

      Today in Washington State we had our first retail marijuana stores begin opening. The one I went to played great music including some Beatles (stoners), a Lee Perry/Bob Marley tune (stoners) and Snoop (stoner).

  6. Oh, and free as in Facebook Like meaning they have your contact information, so… not exactly free as in not giving up anything. Just something inconsequential like your privacy.

  7. Try to mention if something is 32bit or 64bit, it is meaningful to some, and stops a waste of time trying to find out.

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