Zivix’ PUC Wirelessly Connects MIDI Instruments With iOS Devices

Zivix recently announced that last year’s IndieGogo project, the PUC wireless MIDI interface, has begun shipping.

The PUC is a wireless MIDI interface designed specifically for iOS devices. The PUC allows the user to wirelessly connect any MIDI device (keyboard, DJ controller, drum pad, floor pedal controllers, etc.) directly to the user’s iPad. PUC can also work with any platform that supports a MIDI connection over WiFi.

PUCThe PUC communicates directly to the iPad via WiFi directly as a device, and no “host” WiFi network is necessary. PUC uses an open standard for Core MIDI over WiFi. Once your legacy MIDI signals are translated into Core MIDI by the PUC, any Core MIDI compatible app can recognize it.

We previously talked about the PUC when it was announced at Disrupt last fall. The development of the PUC was being funded as a ‘crowdfunded’ IndieGoGo project, but is now available to the general public.

Pricing and Availability. The Zivix PUC wireless MIDI interface is available now, and retails for $129.99 US. Videos, product specifications and additional information at the PUC website.

11 thoughts on “Zivix’ PUC Wirelessly Connects MIDI Instruments With iOS Devices

  1. great news – instead of plugging my midi-keyboard via lightning-usb-adapter into my ipad, i now plug my midi-keyboard into the puc. obviously, now i need an external power supply for my keyboard, too. so, instead of using one device and one cable, i now use two devices and two cables. wait a minute…

  2. If you’ve only got one synth, this is probably pointless.

    I’ve got a stack of several keyboards and a couple of effects processors, all of which support MIDI. This looks like it would let me wirelessly control all of them, which is pretty cool.

  3. It also works as a wireless MIDI interface to a Mac, so you can use a MIDI keyboard that does not have USB as a MIDI input device.

  4. How’s the Latency? How reliable…cause it’s wireless. Sheesh, it’s more expensive than iconnect, and that does audio pass-through.

  5. This has been a totally worthless piece of sht for a whole year now.
    When THE F*CK will they make it midi out capable for editing hardware with the ipad?
    Midi out was advertised in the croudfunding and thats why I funded it and you know what, it’s not there.

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