Plankton Electronics Intros The Bumblebee Noise Box


Plankton Electronics has released a new noise box, The Bumblebee.

Here’s what they have to say about The Bumblebee:

This is a super easy to mount and play DIY drone ‘n’ noise machine. A simple but powerful design capable of generate the most annoying sounds of the neighborhood.

Designed for DIY beginners, noise makers, and weird sound enthusiasts, it’s modular design converts it into a very versatile machine capable of multiply its power when connected to other modular systems.


Here’s a video demo:

Here are audio demos for The Bumblebee:

The Bumblebee is available as a DIY kit for €125.00 or fully assembled for €250.00. 

4 thoughts on “Plankton Electronics Intros The Bumblebee Noise Box

  1. I like it!! Might just have to get this one. Those are really annoying sounds, but slap some fxs pedals on it, like the EHX Epitom3, and I think it will prouce som nice dark drones.

  2. It looks a bit like the Drone Lab from Casper Electronics, but sounds a lot more like an 8-bit/noise generator. At least in the samples it does to me. I loved the Drone Lab, spent lots of time just playing around to see what I could make it do. I like the patch cables idea on this one and the case. Could be a fun noise maker!

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