Zivix Jamstik At 2014 Summer NAMM Show

2014 Summer NAMM Show: At this year’s Summer NAMM Show, Zivix is showing the Jamstik – a wireless portable digital guitar controller.

zivix-jamstick-midi-guitar-controllerThe Jamstik uses light to scan your fingers as you play with real strings on real frets.

Highlights of the Jamstick include:

  • No Tuning
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Low Latency
  • Pick Velocity
  • String Bending
  • Full MIDI Support

The Jamstik is priced at $299.99. See the Zivix site for details.

9 thoughts on “Zivix Jamstik At 2014 Summer NAMM Show

  1. There have been a lot of these over the years, but I’ve found that they just don’t handle string muting properly. I’d like to know if they do anything to handle that. His “Stairway” demo is all plucked… I can’t tell what it will do with fast strumming, pulsing the fingers of the left hand, muting strings with the left hand, palm muting, etc.

  2. I really want a solid guitar midi controller for all my hardware synths, but not sure if this one is it. I will wait till the reviews to come in. $299 seems a bit pricey for such a small little device. If it really delivers on performance I wouldn’t mind though. The idea of controlling my Jupiter 6 with a midi guitar really fascinates me.

  3. they’re heading in the right direction with this, but that fretboard is in desperate need of lengthening. six frets’ playing range is nothing a guitarist familiar with his fretboard can take seriously. moreover, replacing those “real” strings, something you’d inevitably have to do, would be a very wasteful procedure.

  4. Demo videos of midi guitars never seem to provide adequate performance coverage… maybe ’cause styles vary so widely. I’m interested enough to test drive it, but jaded enough by past experience to expect more of the same. I’d gladly accept the short fret board if it plays like a guitar without complicating my recording process. Guitar players want a $300 midi guitar to track just as proficiently as a $300 midi keyboard. Hasn’t come along yet, but a girl can dream…

  5. Not a lot of info on their website about the software. I’d like to know if you can use alternate or custom tunings. It seems more geared toward beginners.

  6. I was relatively excited about this until I read it only has 5 frets and is not available for leftys. Foiled again!!! I love the PUC though and would recommend it to everyone.

  7. For 299 USD I still think is better to just get a gk-3 pickup… I would buy one for sure if it was 50 USD tops. I feel that the design is lacking a lot. Also in where are the controls placed. Switching octaves should be as quick to do as in a keyboard, for soloing. It just seems to have a kinda different approach with the same problems that any other product like this have to offer. I would love to try one, though, and to really be sure that I have the right idea of this. Also his response of the question regarding latency, he gave no real numbers or information. Very ambiguous, so that was not a real good answer for me. It told me more about the market than what it did of product itself.

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